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101 in 1001

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101 in 1001

Start Date: January 1, 2018

(End Date: September 28, 2020)

Dallas Things

  1.  Grab dessert at Emporium Pies
  2.  Staycation to see The Nutcracker in Fort Worth
  3.  Try The Spa at the Joule
  4.  Staycation at the Four Seasons 
  5.  Experience Well & Being at the Four Seasons
  6.  Gingerbread Workshop at the Crescent
  7.  Take a cooking class at Central Market
  8.  Participate in a writing workshop
  9.  Revisit the Crescent spa and find out if the facial is as good as I remember
  10.  Take a full spa day to recover from the stress of college application season (every year)
  11.  Host a cookie swap / baking day
  12.  Get a triple oxygen facial at bliss    (January 2018, thanks Travelzoo!)
  13.  Experience ICE! at the Gaylord
  14.  Host a Christmas party at home
  15.  Host a New Year’s celebration at home
  16.  Grab a Steel City Pops popsicle in the heat of summer and see if it’s worth the hype
  17.  Actually (plan and do!) something with one of my favorite prior coworkers; we keep saying we’ll make it happen, we need to actually do it!

Adventure Things

  1.  Take a fresh pasta class in Italy
  2.  Visit a new country each year
  3.  Add one new place to each long(er) trip
  4.  Go back to Half Moon Bay
  5.  Bring back ornaments from our adventures (Ashley inspired me!)
  6.  Plan a(nother) Christmas market adventure
  7.  Go somewhere new in the United States
  8.  Take a baking class at King Arthur Flour
  9.  Photograph the changing leaves in New England
  10.  Stay on the Pest side of Budapest, if we return
  11.  Have dinner in Fiesole and experience the sunset from there
  12.  Return to Paris to see things we missed on our honeymoon
  13.  Spend a weekend on the coast enjoying the sound of the waves
  14.  Use GTFO to book a spontaneous trip

House Things

  1.  Get end tables for the living room
  2.  Get a coffee table for the living room
  3.  Finish the first guest bedroom
  4.  Set up the second guest bedroom
  5.  Hang things in the dining room
  6.  Consign or donate clothes that don’t fit anymore
  7.  Alter clothes that I want to keep
  8.  Finish the home office (and actually use it)
  9.  Reorganize the hall closet
  10.  Inventory and organize the things we stock
  11.  Finish my Snowflake Wishes flute collection (preferably on super sale or from Home Goods – lol)
  12.  Finish my Snowflake Wishes highball collection (preferably on super sale or from Home Goods – lol)
  13.  Finish the master closet or hire someone to redesign it so it’s functional

Photography Things

  1.  Catch up our travel memory books
  2.  Catch up my editing
  3.  Frame photographs for the house
  4.  Decide what to do with my photography gear that I no longer use
  5.  Share more photos regularly
  6.  Send photos from family events to family members
  7.  Figure out our wedding photos
  8.  Post some photography techniques
  9.  Photograph Rome at sunrise
  10.  Photograph Rome at blue hour
  11.  Master a new technique in Lightroom
  12.  Create a lightroom tutorial

Personal Things

  1.  Write at least one letter a month
  2.  Find a planner that I like and use it regularly
  3.  Organize our gift cards in a way that is useful, helpful, and manageable
  4.  Practice gratitude every day for a month to make it a habit and way of life
  5.  Mediate every day for a month to make it a habit and way of life
  6.  Do something besides work on New Year’s Eve, at least once
  7.  Read more books
  8.  Publish at least one op-ed on the inequality in education
  9.  Finish my quilt for Juliette
  10.  Practice and get better at meal planning
  11.  Read 10 books for no other reason than because I want to
  12.  Make another stocking (or two) for family Christmases
  13.  Figure out how to celebrate our 5th anniversary
  14.  Redeem my businessextrAA points so I quit losing them  (January 2018, Redeemed for ticket to Europe!)
  15.  Find a pair of jeans that I like

Healthy Things

  1.  Go to the Y at least once a week.  (Let’s be realistic.)
  2.  Master some sous vide recipes that I enjoy
  3.  Get my resting heart rate back down
  4.  Complete a Whole 30 (or similar plan) to increase energy level and mental clarity
  5.  See if the Y is covered by my insurance
  6.  Take a spin class to see if I like it
  7.  Regain (at least some of) my flexibility (splits anyone??)
  8.  Try yoga to see what the hype is about
  9.  Stop getting mad about stupid things (how does one quantify this?)

Professional things

  1.  Get a headshot made so I’m ready when I need it.
  2.  Make a list of (at least) 10 things that I’ve been able to accomplish personally and keep it  somewhere handy to remind myself when I need it.
  3.  Successfully plan a junior day to introduce students to the college process earlier (and hopefully alleviate some of the burden on my staff)
  4.  Successfully host the Coalition Day of Service before Forum in 2018!
  5.  Launch a professional development / Lunch & Learn series
  6.  Take 5 meetings for the internship program
  7.  Actually finish the website
  8.  Update the pictures on the organization Facebook page
  9.  Present at NACAC on something completely different
  10.  Host a Coalition workshop for counselors
  11.  Create a newsletter to send out to university/community partners

Blog Things

  1.  Master my BlogStomp settings so my pictures don’t look so weird.
  2.  Replace my oddly pixilated images.
  3.  Rewrite my About Page
  4.  Write the Vienna pastry comparison post I keep thinking about
  5.  Write the comparison post about the bistecca in Florence
  6.  Write my romantic guide to Venice
  7.  Post about my favorite travel souvenirs
  8.  Create a media kit / collaboration page
  9.  Grow my instagram following to 1,200
  10.  Grow my pinterest following to 1,200