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5 lessons learned from our staycation…

(Besides the obvious that nineteen hours does not a vacation make…
and that this little sliver of vacation convinced me that
I really and truly do need a legitimate vacation on the books ASAP!)

1.  A vacation doesn’t really get started until there is champagne… I learned this from Ryan at check-in.  Luckily for us, the Ritz Carlton had us covered… not only at check-in but also when they sent up a bottle and some chocolate covered strawberries to our room.  Party time all the time!

2.  Going screen-free needs to be a regular occurrence in our life… because sadly it’s so dang hard to do it!!

3.  Everyone wants pool time when it’s hot and sunny… but no one wants pool time when the sun has gone down… so we could totally pretend the pool was all ours… without getting sunburned.  Score one for our first swim of the summer.. that was subsequently followed up with the second swim of the summer when we got home Saturday night!

4.  Taking time for dinner is a lot easier when you aren’t rushing home to get leftovers in the fridge or do more work…  It’s way more fun to take your time and actually enjoy the meal.  Going out to dinner is a luxury we’ve definitely been taking for granted and not really enjoyed as much as we should!

photo-21P I N I T

5.  It’s a lot easier to sleep soundly without the mess of being at home, the threat of your computer looming in the corner, and when you actually have a little bit of room to breathe and enjoy a cool, dark, quiet room.  I vote for more of these nights… because letsbehonest, I need all the sleep I can get!  It makes me a happier, nicer, and better person.  So does a 19 hour staycation (yes, I was counting the hours of freedom…)… so I’m feeling relatively ready to face the music this week.  Symposium starts this morning and runs through Wednesday at 2:00.  Cross your fingers for me.

  • hello erin - I’m SO happy for a successful STAYCATION. Pretty sure you kids need one every weekend… No really. Every single one.ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - Reading that just made me feel relaxed.

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