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All of the things…

All of the things…
That’s something I learned from my amazing college advisors.
And it’s what I’ve been thinking all week.

all of the things.

This week has been hard.

I might have cried no less than four times yesterday.

I’ve been trying to get my team all trained up and ready to go to their campuses.  In between all these little things to do to make sure that things happen and work.  And get done.  I’ve developed an unhealthy fear of reading my text messages and emails.  I don’t even want to answer my phone most days.

all of the things.

The inspection report came back on the house.  There’s lots of things that need fixing, but they want engineers, plumbers, and handymen to cost estimate some things.  They sound expensive (the things, not the experts).

My private kiddos are wanting my time.  But I’m trying to get a bunch of people trained up.  I feel like I’m making mistakes and screwing up.  And that I’m going to get burned.  I feel like I’m missing things.

all of the things.

Earlier this week, I read this amazing post by Jenny Collier on juggling schedules and life demands.  As I read it, I was nodding along with her… thinking… yes, this sounds like me.  I get her.  I get this.  Now, how do I do what she’s doing… minus the kids of course?  So I kept reading… and it seemed manageable.  It even seemed manageable when I thought to myself, “How does she know how long to blog time for?”  I even asked that scary stupid question.

I headed to work on Tuesday with the idea to map out my schedule… just like Jenny…  and I started with my morning.  Three hours appropriately blocked out.  It was awesome.  I devoted time to organizing, private college apps, and getting materials together for my team.  I was feeling like I could handle this… until my 11:00 ran 15 minutes late and I was so thrown off.  Did I start a new project?  Did I continue doing what I was doing?  What if I had to stop in the middle?

And I just sat there, paralyzed with anxiety and not sure what to tackle next.  I’m not ready to give up, but my goodness I need to get this life under control.  and start letting go of some things.  and trusting people to help me with things.

all of the things.


  • erin - loved jenny’s post!!! for reals. and boo for the house– but that’s what this is all for. secret little fun discoveries. . . hang in there. the week is almost over!ReplyCancel

  • Kelli - LOVEEEE your new blog, girly!

    totally am with you about anxiety and stress of days! ha thanks for sharing jenny’s article!

    OH p.s. email me about the oils! you need the anxiety/stress ones I use, too! haha!!!ReplyCancel