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And sometimes, things work out…

I live in a complicated world.

Most of my time is spent contemplating the world of highly selective college admissions.  I eat, sleep, and breathe it.  I excel at it.  It seems funny to say that I’m an expert in college admissions… but there you are.  I’m an expert in college admissions.  I can attribute my success to any number of things, but most of the time, it comes down to one thing:  stories.

All of my kids have stories.  They are all (usually) incredible in their own right.  I come to love these little eighteen-year-olds like they are my children, sisters, and brothers…  Maybe it’s the lack of siblings in my own life, but I adopt each and every one of these babies as my own.

It’s a funny thing… going through the college process with these babies…  By the time we’re done, I know their souls all so intimately.  I know their deepest fears, their fervent desires, who they are at the core of their being.  In that way, I take their college decisions deeply personal.

Tonight was a happy night.  I received many pieces of good news, but there was one decision that resonated so deeply in my soul.  Like the day that Sarah got into Harvard, it was that moment when I just felt grace wash over my (slightly cynical) heart.  That life was going to work out for one of those truly special babies.  That the world was slightly fair and just again.  That all those hours I spent praying were not in vain.

I was telling someone recently that I don’t stay mad at people for too long – usually.  The only people I really have a hard time letting go of a grudge are people who hurt people I love and people who do one of the few things I find morally reprehensible: hurt kids.  I’m very black and white on this  – there is no grey.

Well, one of my kids who has been hurt a lot will have a great place to be next year.  Amid all the struggles, the trying days, and the tears – I now know that my kid will be somewhere far away from here, and that gives me a great deal of peace (and pride).

You may have no idea what I’m talking about – and that’s okay.  Just know.  Today is a happy day.  One of the happiest ones in awhile.

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