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journey of doing - Guest Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Bathroom Renovation Reveal – Jack and Jill Guest Bath

I’m so excited about our guest bathroom renovation reveal today!  It’s been a hot minute since I talked about anything related

journey of doing - freezing on friday

Freezing on Friday!

Bonjour, mes amies.   I’ve spent the past two days flat on my back, freezing, and fighting a nasty bug.  You see, temps decided

journey of doing - guest bedroom to office week two

Cleaning It Up / Ordering Furniture: ORC Week Two

Welcome back to the One Room Challenge for week two!  I actually made more progress than I expected because I went ahead and ordered the

journey of doing - One Room Challenge - Guest Bedroom to Office

Guest Bedroom to Office: ORC Week One

Confession: I forgot to check when the One Room Challenge was starting for fall until I saw it on Elise’s blog this morning.

journey of doing - formal dining room reveal

Formal Dining Room Reveal

Our formal dining room reveal is here!  Our formal dining room was definitely one of the most dated rooms in the house with its brass

Kitchen Renovation Reveal with Breakfast Nook!

With the arrival of the breakfast nook table last week, I thought it was only appropriate to do a full kitchen renovation reveal…

journey of doing - Greentagged and Complete

Project Renovation: Green tagged and Complete

Well, after 9 (long) months, our renovation that was supposed to take 6-8 weeks (and “up to 12 weeks if something seriously went

Project Renovation: Green Tags!

So… things are finally moving along on the house. We (officially) wrapped up the mess with the old contractor late last week…

journey of doing - Things to Know Before Renovating

Things to Know Before Remodeling

Happy FriYay, my friends.  As you know, I’ve been pretty quiet on project renovation – and for good reason… but

Project Renovation: the longest home stretch

I’ve been feeling the strain of being out of our house lately (particularly with late nights at the office for deadlines and not

Five on Friday: Project Renovation Edition

Attorneys get a bad wrap. People always think they’re jerks. I happen to be married to the most diplomatic one in the world.

(Pretty) Things on Thursday: Home

If you missed my excitement on instagram yesterday, I’m excited to share that our cabinets arrived a day earlier than expected…