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journey of doing - save underexposed photos

Fix Underexposed Photos: Retouche

So – without getting into too much detail… I want to share a company with you that has allowed me to fix underexposed photos

journey of doing - choosing a church for our wedding

Choosing our church

Linking up with Nancy and Meredith for Wedding Wednesday again this week!! Choosing Our Church – Starting with the Facts: 1.  I am

my Stephen Yearick wedding dress + details

When I got engaged, I had a MILLION ideas on what I wanted for a wedding dress… but there was ONE dress that I had been lusting after

journey of doing - lush couture floral

Lush Couture Floral

Linking up with Nancy and Meredith for Wedding Wednesday for all things Lush Couture Floral this week!! One of the greatest things about

Dolly Pearl Bridesmaid dresses

Right after I got engaged, I was fortunate/lucky to head off to California for two weeks to prep up one of my babies for the SAT IIs while

journey of doing - Top 5 Things for a Perfect Wedding Day

Top 5 Things for a Perfect Wedding Day!

It’s no secret that my wedding day was the happiest day of my life…  it was a day that I had been waiting for since I realized

Valentina Vladi Wedding Trailer

Sara & Thomas | Valentina Vladi Wedding Trailer from Valentina Thrift on Vimeo.  I’m 100% obsessed with our video from

Sneak peek from f8

If you follow me on instagram or Facebook, chances are, you’ve probably already seen these… but our wedding photog emailed me

Ritz Carlton Dallas Bridal Portraits!

I have been sitting on my Ritz Carlton Dallas bridal portraits for a little over a month, and now that I am officially married (!!!!), I

D Magazine Bridal Buzz Post!

In lieu of a real post (because I’m still on my mini-moon), I give you our D Magazine Bridal Buzz write-up!!  

Friday 5: the last single girl edition!

1.  Um… I’m getting married.  Tomorrow.  That’s pretty good, right?!  It’s actually beyond belief. 2.  If you