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Cinque Terre Trip Planning

I’m not going to lie. I’m most excited about our Cinque Terre trip planning right now.  Aside from getting off the (wrong) train in La Spezia on my way to the South of France, I haven’t had much (any) experience in what looks to be an amazing place.  I’ve been doing a lot of research, so I decided to share what I’ve planned so far.  I also rounded up some of my favorite posts on the area.  Side note – as a result of our Cinque Terre trip planning  and experience in 2016, we immediately made plans to return for a second visit in 2017.  It was just as magical.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a few pennies towards a future trip if you click on the links.  Don’t worry, I only recommend experiences that I’ve personally tried and can recommend without reservation.

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Cinque Terre Trip Planning Updates

2016 Updates:

2017 Updates:


Accommodations – Cinque Terre Trip Planning:

La Torretta Lodge – I knew I wanted to stay in Manarola or Vernazza because they are supposed to be the more beautiful villages. When it came down to where to stay, most of what I found was renting rooms from locals.  This meant arriving at precise times.  Since we’re going to be traveling north from Rome, I didn’t want a lot of pressure on our arrival.  La Torretta seemed like the best option for us!  I’m particularly excited that they can pick us (and our luggage) up from the train station, too!

Things to Do – Cinque Terre Trip Planning:

A Casa Cooking Classes – I’m seriously hoping that one of these amazing cooking classes will open up while we are there.  I really, really want to take the pasta class.  (I’ve tried to book these classes for two years.  I have yet to succeed.  One day…)

Hiking – I fell in love with Olya’s post a couple weeks ago about the beautiful views from the Via del Amore.  This will absolutely be happening.  I’m hoping to do most of our hiking early in the morning or around sunset to truly appreciate the views.

Pesto Class – I signed us up for this class even though it’s not in one of the “official” villages.  If an area is known for pesto, there’s no better place to learn and it’s only a short train ride from Manarola.  It’s also in the mid-day, so I think it will be a nice break from the day-trippers.

Wine Tasting in Cinque Terre – Did you know that Cinque Terre is famous for its own type of white wine? Or that the hills above the villages are wine terraces?  Me either  The best part of this tour was the local perspective, but we learned a lot about wine, too!

4/2016 Update: Making pesto in Cinque Terre was one of my favorite things we did!  It was so delicious!

04/2016 Update:  See our Cinque Terre hike photos!  We made the trip from Monterosso to Vernazza.

04/2017 Update: While trails were slated to reopen in 2017, many were closed (again) in February 2017 after heavy rains destroyed the restoration.

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Inspiring Posts – Cinque Terre Trip Planning:

Kevin and Amanda – Cinque Terre Part One: beautiful pictures!!  Definitely played a part in my decision to explore Cinque Terre for more than a day trip.

Kevin and Amanda – Cinque Terre Part Two: the post that convinced me Manarola was the way to go!

Hand Luggage Only – The Complete Guide to Cinque Terre: the post that convinced me that we shouldn’t do Cinque Terre as a Day Trip and that we should just take the train to (and between) villages.

NY Food Journal The Foods of Vernazza:  The post that likely started my fascination with pesto a few weeks ago.

Travelettes – A Beginners Guide to the Trails of Cinque Terre: A guide to hiking that this girl can get behind.

Italian Fix – The Beginner’s Guide to Cinque Terre: Most important of all, the post that has me concerned that we might NEVER COME HOME.

For more of our Cinque Terre planning, tips and tricks:

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For more of our Cinque Terre photos:

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