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Favorite Spring Staple Wardrobe Pieces

Spring is a curious time in Texas.  It can be unseasonably hot and stupidly cold.  Most days, I’m cool in the morning so I dress conservatively.  By noon, I’m too hot.  I’ve become a creature of habit in the last few years, so my favorite spring stable wardrobe pieces don’t change.  I’ve been wearing many of the same things since 2013.  I mean, if Princess Kate can repeat things, I can too, right?

Here are a few things that get me through this silly transition season in Texas.  What are you wearing from year to year and season to season?

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Favorite Spring Staple Wardrobe Pieces

Cardigans – Cardigans definitely were not my thing.  Too many flashbacks of those private school days. Jules got me into them when I purchased a couple for our honeymoon. I’ve been wearing them ever since.  They are the best thing to throw over summer dresses or sleeveless tops to help transition from spring to summer.   I try to pick them up on sale whenever I see something that will match most of my wardrobe.

Skinny Jeans – I found a pair of these at Marshall’s last year when I had NO pants. I’ve been obsessed ever since.  I love the color, the fit is comfortable, and they work with all my favorite tops and shoes.  Unfortunately, you are probably most likely to see me sporting my tennis shoes with them. It isn’t fashion forward at all, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Cute sleeveless tops – These offer the most flexibility for the unpredictable temperatures.  I can throw a cardigan over them if it’s cool or leave them as is if I want to go out later.  I’ve collected a handful ponte stretch tops, and they don’t wrinkle at all.  They’re great for traveling, too!

Nude Wedges – I didn’t think I was a wedge girl.  Then I saw Kate Middleton sporting these shoes, and I realized that they could look classy with the right outfit.  I tried on a pair of LK Bennett wedges, and I was surprised at how comfortable they were!  I didn’t buy them because they were turquoise and I wasn’t sure I would wear them with.  A few months later, I found a the only pair of Antonio Melani taupe wedges at Dillard’s for $9.00 and I was sold.  They are comfortable, great to wear with my jeans AND my sundresses (particularly when you’re outside and don’t want your heels devoting the ground), and they make my legs look super shapely.  LOVE.

Sparkly Keds – I’ve already extolled my love for these glitter shoes, but I’ve been wearing them a lot lately.  (Trying to replace my tennis shoes + skinny jeans combination?  Maybe so.)  I have them in navy, aqua, and pink.  They are perfect for running aroudn the district in, and I always get a lot of compliments.

Cute dresses – I look to Kate Spade for these typically, but I’ve been more than a little disappointed with the recent lines.  Things were looking up with last spring’s collection of heavier fabrics that wear beautifully, but I haven’t seen anything since then that I had to have.  I feel like I’m going to have to broaden my search… or just enjoy what I have for awhile longer.

  • erin vancura - You have a Kate spade problem. For reals. But I can’t blame you because I loooooooove her too 😉ReplyCancel

  • Biana - I want all of these picks – especially those glitter kicks!! xo, Biana –BlovedBostonReplyCancel

  • Sarah Elizabeth - Nude wedges are my go-to dressy shoe in the spring or summer – they looks great with all my dresses and work well with pants too!ReplyCancel

  • SMD @ Life According to Steph - I’m into athleisure shoes. And dresses with cardigans, always.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Bradshaw - I love those sparkly Keds!! So many things on my wish list! Great roundup, girl.ReplyCancel

  • Katie Elizabeth - Pretty sure I neeeed those knock off Princess Kate wedges. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me!ReplyCancel

  • cara - I love sparkly keds, or any keds really! They’re so girly and cute!ReplyCancel

  • Kelsey - I desperately need to refresh and overhaul my closet and fill it with more staples and a few accent pieces for fun! I love those wedges because they would be perfect for work or fun and the price point is great!ReplyCancel

  • Mandy - I still love your sparkly shoes. They make me so happy. 🙂 I can’t wear wedges, though; I always end up tripping over the added height, if you know what I mean. One fall in shoes like that, and I was done.

    I can’t imagine what the winter to summer transition is like in Texas. This week in Georgia we are going from 40s/50s all the way up to 80 by next Monday! … I’m not ready for summer temperatures! And what happened to “spring”?ReplyCancel

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