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Five on Friday: Project Renovation Edition

Attorneys get a bad wrap. People always think they’re jerks. I happen to be married to the most diplomatic one in the world. He’s WAY nicer than I am. Like… by a long shot. But this weekend, my husband and our GC went head-to-head over a toilet that was too close to a bathtub. My husband kept his cool, my GC threatened to shut down the work in the guest bath for two weeks, and by Tuesday (within a span of 2 hours), the toilet was moved over. The whole situation was pretty ridiculous, but thankfully… the toilet is moved and our house is getting put back together!

That being said, let’s continue the renovation speak, shall we?

  1.  Remember that amazing Daltile backsplash I fell in love with?  We found out in August that the harlequin shape was backordered until November, so we needed to find something else.  After much deliberation, we decided to order the Daltile Aura Silver Cloud one inch squares.  It came in a day late.  Yesterday, we popped over to check on the house during lunch to find it on the walls. AND IT LOOKED AWFUL.  I had seen SO MANY SAMPLES of this tile and not a single one of them showed any veins nor an off-white color.  The little squares were terrible.  Our (half-done but oh so beautiful) kitchen looked awful.  We immediately ran to Floor and Decor and bought new backsplash… and it looks WAY better.  Thank G.  I don’t even know what I’m going to do with the Daltile stuff……. hello, expensive mistake.  Moral of the story?  Ask to see a full sheet of tile – not just the pretty sample they put on the wall or small samples that they cut off for you.

Wrong backsplashP I N I T 2.  Our tile guys are true artisans.  I don’t even know how they do it… but guess what?  All those people who say math is irrelevant?  I think these guys know more math than I do.  They do quality work.  We have two guest bathrooms that they completely gutted and everything is so precisely installed.  I’m impressed with their mad skills.

Guest bath tile detailP I N I T

3.  See that tub above?  I just want to give a shout out to my husband for masterminding that solution.  We needed a 62″ tub.  Guess what?  NO ONE MAKES A 62″ TUB.  (We went everywhere.)  We were faced with the option of a slipper tub (which my husband was not really a fan of), furring out the wall (which looked weird), or making a stand up shower.  Since the other guest bath is a stand up shower, our GC thought we needed a tub for this one.  At the 11th hour, my husband came up with the genius idea to undermount this tub.  It’s absolutely perfect.  I’m seriously SO impressed.

4.  The master bath was the first thing we saw start going in… and we both fell in love with it so fast.  The custom Oceanside Glass tile is amazing – we stopped by to see it last night and the grout is starting to set.  We were really nervous about it because it’s all white and clear tiles, but it seriously has the prettiest shimmer to it – it really pops against the gray.  Not at all what we expected or planned, but gorgeous nonetheless.

Master Bath Oceanside TileP I N I T    5.  Countertops.  Oh my word.  We went with quartz and it has shimmery specs of silver and pale blue.  They look really good too…  Those guys installed them in a single day.  Once again, they use a lot of math and everything came out perfectly.  I could not be more impressed with the skills all these people have.  My husband always makes jokes that he works with his hands because he types legal briefs…  these guys take working with your hands to a whole new level.  I don’t make anything.  LOL

Samsung Gentle Gray CountertopsP I N I T

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  • SMD @ Life According to Steph - Swooning over your bath tiles. Everything is looking awesome!

    I have backsplash I hate right now. We should’ve changed immediately and did not. I’m glad you did!ReplyCancel

  • Kate @ Green Fashionista - Everything is looking INCREDIBLE! You guys have done and awesome job, huge shoutout to your hubs 🙂

    Green FashionistaReplyCancel

  • Erin - I have a secret.

    Wait for it.

    I love the new stuff SO MUCH more than the old veiny stuff! It’s crisp and bright and just plain gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • Mar @ T.O. & fro - Love that bathroom tile! So different.ReplyCancel

  • Heather - I LOVE the tile you ended up with!! I work in flooring, luckily not in the tile department, and I can’t tell you how many times even we get duped by those stupid samples they send us. My parents sold or maybe they just gave some of their leftover wood floor to a local non-profit. I think it was a gave and they wrote it off. You could also see if your installers have another job they could sell it on. Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Elizabeth - Bathrooms and kitchens are my two favorite spaces in every house. Yours is really coming along beautifully!ReplyCancel

  • Kelli {A Deeper Joy} - Wow! I LOVE all of your tile! It’s very classy. The tub/bath is to die for!ReplyCancel

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