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Honeymoon in Florence, Italy

I think most people will tell you that the reason I love Florence is because I studied there (and left a piece of my heart there) or because we spent our honeymoon in Florence at the amazing St. Regis (which got its own post – #sorrynotsorry).  My husband, who has no attachment to Florence, also loved our time there. I would reckon to say that its one of his favorite places too.

Our honeymoon in Florence was absolutely magical. There are no other words to describe the days we spent in Florence. My husband asked me where I would buy a house in Europe, and I have to say it would be Florence. Always Florence.

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Honeymoon in Florence – Favorite Restaurants:

  • Trattoria Sostanza – I’ve been coming here for years… along with everyone else in the universe. You get the butter chicken, you get the Florentine Steak and you ignore the calories. You better have a reservation or get there when they open at 12:30. They are open less than 5 hours a day. My mom still talks about when I took her here… and my husband wanted to go back for every meal.
  • Golden View Restaurant and Bar – Again – people will probably talk about how this is nostalgic for me.  My friends celebrated my 22nd birthday here – but there is no table more romantic than one by the windows overlooking the Ponte Vecchio at night. We’ve had more than a few longggggg leisurely dinners here, and I love every moment. You can request a reservation online (ask for a table by the window)!
  • Gusta Pizza – holy amazing-ness.  A picture is worth all the words.  It’s cheap and there’s always a line.  Grab it to go and have a picnic near the Arno.

journey of doing - honeymoon in FlorenceP I N I T

journey of doing - honeymoon in FlorenceP I N I T

journey of doing - honeymoon in FlorenceP I N I T

Honeymoon in Florence – Things to Do

  • Il Duomo.  Can you really come to Florence and not go see the Duomo?  Sitting on the steps at night is great people watching too.  If you don’t get claustrophobic, hiking to the top of the dome can be fun.  If you do, skip it and keep reading.  I have plans for you too.

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  • Leonardo da Vinci Museum – This place is just neat!  It’s tiny, but they have rebuilt some of da Vinci’s contraptions. It’s incredible to see how progressive he really was for his time period.  It’s also across the street from my apartment in Florence, so… there’s that.

  • Piazza Michelangelo – No one (my mom nor my husband) ever wants to admit that this is the best view in the entire world.  They are still salty that I make them climb it.  But REALLY.  No better view.  Go at sunrise.  Go at sunset.  Stretch your legs and make the hike.  The way down is easier than the way up.

journey of doing - honeymoon in FlorenceP I N I T


journey of doing - honeymoon in FlorenceP I N I T

Honeymoon in Florence – Skip It if You’re Short on Time:

  • If you haven’t booked your museum visit in advance, there are several replicas of the famous David statue – including one in the Piazza Signoria and another at the Piazza Michelangelo.  It may be blasphemous, but if you only have a short time – I think enjoying all the statues in the Piazza Signoria outweigh waiting in line at the Accademia.

  • Galileo Museum – There are some cool things in here (see below), but it’s not as cool as da Vinci’s museum.  Also, there wasn’t that much about Galileo!  I was definitely sad.

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