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January Recap: Thoughts for Thursday

I’ve been thinking about all of these things for awhile, and while it seems silly to start February with a January recap, it’s where we are today.  (I thought it was more important to share pastries yesterday.)


I am discovering that I like being accountable to a list.  Compiling a 101 in 1001 list has helped direct me when I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with myself.  This is especially true when it comes to the blog.  I feel like I should make a list just for the blog and maybe I’d actually get some things done.    To recap the 5 things I accomplished in January:

  • Rewritten my About Page.  I’m a lot happier with this now, and I think it gives a better picture of my personality.
  • Wrote my romantic guide to Venice – something I’ve wanted to do since we got back from our 4th anniversary trip
  • Written about our sacher torte and apple strudel adventures in Vienna – because who doesn’t love dessert?
  • Started replacing oddly pixilated images as I attempt to master my BlogStomp settings – Manarola – 2017 and Riomaggiore – 2017 were easy places to start.  I realized that there was a spot on my lens for the vast majority of that trip, so there’s some re-editing that needs to happen before I replace (or print) more pictures.
  • Enjoyed two visits to bliss for massages and facials (and using my gift certificates before they expired)
  • Redeemed my BusinessExtraAA points before they expired – more to come on this!


I found this week that our district doesn’t plan to re-rank our seniors until February 15.  This puts our seniors who applied to ED2 programs and some selective schools at an incredible disadvantage.  I started crying when I found out.  Then I tried to mobilize people to help.  The truth is, I’ve really been struggling with feeling ineffective in my district for awhile.  I have been able to convince behemoth organizations like College Board, ACT, and even the DOE to change things in the last year, but despite proving myself over and over in our district, I can’t affect change here.  They say all politics are local, but in this case, I’ve been more effective on a national level than for the kids I personally know and care about.  This is not a comforting feeling, and I worry that it’s going to lead to my professional burnout, which is even less comforting.  (My fortune cookie, however, tells a different story.)



Speaking of local politics, I donated to Michael Doyle for PA170 and you should, too.  What he stands for on “local” issues are things I believe in for everyone.  If you want the high points, you can read his list, but I’ll summarize for you: be a good human to everyone and advocate for equity.  It’s that simple.


January was the longest month ever.  Can I get an amen that it’s over?  I’m clearly not alone in this feeling.  See here.  Let me tell you why I’m glad it’s over.  DCCCD Promise Pledges are done.  That’s another post and another discussion in itself, but we are done making all of our seniors sign up for this “scholarship.”  Again, another post for another day.  I’m glad it’s over and my staff can get back to work on the things that are really important.

A collection of Riomaggiore postcard photos capturing the beauty of this small Italian village along the Ligurian coast from the early morning until sunset.P I N I T


  • Bri @ My Life As... - First of all, I’m still super pumped you decided to do a 101 list.

    I’m sorry that you feel like you’re hitting road blocks that could lead to your burnout. I totally get it. I know it’s hard but try to stay strong. Follow that fortune cookie advice!

    AMEN to January lasting forever & a day. I said that at work yesterday and a coworker said “I think January flew by pretty quickly actually.” I just looked at him.

    Happy almost Friday!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley The Wandering Weekenders - Writing things down does help me to stay accountable too! I didn’t really have much time to blog in January, but I finally update my About Me section too! It’s crazy how out of date those can get!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - That’s why I love the list too, I feel much more focused when it comes to getting things done. I’m glad you made one 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kate - January was definitely the longest month, why can’t July or August stick around like that? Sorry to hear about your district delaying the re-rankings, but yay for Michael Doyle! Vote for MFD 😀
    Green FashionistaReplyCancel

  • Kelsey - I love facials!! So relaxing and good for your skin. I think it’s wonderful that you are so passionate about your job!ReplyCancel

  • SMD - The fortune is strong. Follow it!

    Thanks for sharing MFD’s link and donating!ReplyCancel

  • Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis - I keep hearing everyone saying January was the longest month ever! In retrospect I guess it was. That’s awesome that you donated to MFD! Such a great way to show your support! Emily @ Martinis & BikinisReplyCancel

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