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Life Lately – December Edition

It’s been a month of trying to sit down and write an update / life lately / currently post.  It seemed way more fun to focus on recapping our travel adventures or sharing delicious recipes.  But, that’s not real life, so here’s a little recap of real life.

[One]  I had a staff member quit on November 2.  When I returned from California advisory board duties on November 15, I became the college advisor at that school.  I need to interview for a new one, but I simply don’t have time right now.  It’s easier to fill in and try and start someone after Christmas break, I suppose.

[Two]  Because of said staff changes, we weren’t able to head to Houston to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving.  We stayed here and had a quiet holiday with my mom, my cousin, and my grandmother.  I am really excited about how my tablescape came out. I also shared a delicious almond torte recipe that I made yesterday.

Waterford Snowflake Wishes, Kate Spade table linens, Monique Lhuillier StardustP I N I T

[Three]  I received a new lipgloss from influenster to try and I’m thinking I’m really going to love it.  I haven’t purchased new make up since our first anniversary trip to NYC.  I’m actually the worst at it.  I like to play with it before I buy it, but I don’t like being bothered by salespeople.

[Four]  Tomorrow’s my birthday.  I have zero plans, zero things on my wish list, and zero expectations for it.  This makes me everyone’s least favorite person, including myself.  Truthfully, if you asked me last month, I would have told you that I just wanted to get away for a weekend to relax.  (I wouldn’t say no to another weekend at Spa del Rey!)  I don’t need anything.  The other thing that I want (that no one can give me – unless you have a contact at Penn law – lol) is for my kid to get into law school ED.  He’s one of my first and favorite kids.

[Five]  I’ve been wrestling with a professional decision that I need to make by Wednesday.  I’m frustrated because college access is so political.  The decision is a no brainer (don’t give me an ultimatum), but I worry about the ramifications for underserved students if my voice isn’t at the table.

[Six]  After I published my Smile Brilliant review, I realized I forgot to include “giveaway” in the post title.  You should enter the giveaway!

[Seven]  The instagram algorithm is showing me pictures from all the European Christmas markets.  Couple that with the post I did on our trip last week, and I have major trip envy.  Nothing feels more like the holiday spirit than Christmas markets!


[Eight]  We’re hosting Christmas this year.  Since I’ve been working in the high school, I haven’t had any time to plan it.  I did put up the tree and the stockings I made though.  I’m excited to host everyone, but I’m overwhelmed by the fact that I haven’t done any Christmas shopping.  (I didn’t think the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals were that good.  Did anyone find anything great??)

[Nine]  I can’t even talk about what’s going on politically.  I’m convinced that Chris Murphy from CT needs to run for president though.  I follow him on twitter, and he reminds of the West Wing.  When I look at my students, all I can think is that we’ve got to do a better job… and I hope they are the future.

[Ten]  Speaking of students, decisions will start coming out soon.  We’ve got a number of early applications that I can’t wait to hear the results of.  We had three kids match through QuestBridge on Friday, and that was super exciting.  Three boys received full scholarships to Amherst, Grinnell, and Vassar.  That’s the kind of win that I’ll leave you with today.  🙂

What’s new with you??

journey of doing - christmas decorP I N I T



  • Bri @ My Life As... - Happy birthday tomorrow! I was boring & got money for new tires on my birthday…yay adulthood! lol. Your table turned out so pretty!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - Well happy almost birthday anyway, even if you don’t have and plans or expectations. Fingers crossed it’ll still be a relaxing day for you. I’ll be sending good vibes to your kid as he awaits the law school decision!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley The Wandering Weekenders - I’m right there with you with not having a ton of Christmas shopping done for this year, but I feel like part of it is my fault because I don’t know what to get people. And I’m right there with you about having trip envy with everybody going to all of the Christmas markets! My in laws are headed to Germany this week and I’m so jealous!ReplyCancel


    I love Chris Murphy.

    And your Thanksgiving table.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - Happy birthday for tomorrow! I hope the day makes you happy, whatever that looks like.

    I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet either! I need to get it together because shipping overseas is involved… The only thing I got in the black Friday sales was an advent calendar for myself. Oops. Overall I didn’t think they were that great.

    Good luck to all your students! I really hope they get the results they deserve.ReplyCancel

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