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Lush Couture Floral

Linking up with Nancy and Meredith for Wedding Wednesday for all things Lush Couture Floral this week!!
One of the greatest things about my wedding planner (Kathy) was that she had vendors for EVERYTHING in EVERY price range.  I had no idea where to start on some of the things – and I had no idea what was reasonable on others – so being able have Kathy not only recommend a couple people to look at – but also tell me what to expect was a godsend.  (Seriously.  Hire a wedding planner.  Hire MY wedding planner.  She’s amazing.)

One of these areas was flowers.  I HAD NO IDEA WHERE TO START.  I had pinned things I thought were “pretty” but I didn’t know what the flowers were.  I knew what I wanted my bouquet to look like thanks to an amazing shot that my friends at Palos Studios shot longggggggggggggg before I was engaged.  But I didn’t know anything else.

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My mom had STRONG opinions about flowers.  She had issues with flowers when she got married and she wanted to be absolutely sure that I didn’t get shortchanged like she did.  So.  Kathy gave us three recommendations and told me to check their websites and pinterest boards.  The choice was pretty obvious — Lush Couture Floral would be the best vendor for the look we were going for and Kathy had worked with her extensively.

When I met with Deidre, I knew I wanted mercury glass, pretty flowers, and orchids in my bouquet.  That’s all I knew.  What she did was incredible and her work speaks for itself.  She even ran back across the metroplex before the wedding when she forgot my Dad’s boutonniere that my mom specifically wanted in my bridal bouquet.  She did all set up and tear down and no one ever bothered me.  Her work was AH.  MAZ.  ING.  My bridal bouquet may have weighed 20 pounds (no, but seriously.  my arms were shaking.), but she used beautiful flowers and all of our arrangements were “lush”.  I wish our photogs had gotten better pictures of them… but you’ll have to trust me when I tell you that she did not disappoint.  (Pew markers for family… she did those too… no pictures.  🙁  the ribbon completely match the b’maid dresses though!  She did that with a swatch!!)

journey of doing - lush couture floralP I N I T

The Ritz Carlton sneaked us in a back entrance to the ballroom before they let everyone else in (then whisked us off to a private dining room for a quick romantic “dinner” – two bites was all this nervous bride managed) and when we walked in, my breath was taken away by how beautiful everything had turned out.  Deidre had used lanterns, candles, flowers, and of course, all the beautiful picture frames I had given her and created something beyond what I could have ever imagined.  (Remember when I said trust your professionals?  This is why.)