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Progress Made: ORC Week Three

journey of doing - One Room Challenge Week ThreeP I N I T

Welcome back to week three of the One Room Challenge!  Have you been following along with all the other participants?  People have SO MUCH talent.  I am proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish so far.  It’s coming along!  This week I…

  • Accidentally scheduled a meeting all the way across the metroplex during our Pottery Barn delivery window.  #oops.  I tried to call to reschedule it but it was going to push it back significantly.  Decided to grin and bear it and make it work.  Thankfully we were the first ones on the delivery route and I made it to my meeting without any trouble!
  • I headed over to Lowe’s and got them to cut the closet rod for me.  Quick and painless.  I looked at their curtain selection… I found a contender on clearance… but they only had one panel and it was still regular price online.  I’ll have to keep looking.
  • I didn’t know if I was actually going to be able to pull the trigger on my gallery wall.  I kept thinking it and overthinking it… but ultimately I decided that if I was serious about getting this done, I just needed to bite the bullet and make peace with the fact that I’m not done editing the pictures from 2016 yet.  I ordered 15 canvases from Easy Canvas Prints (Save 77% off plus free shipping!*if you’re in the market for canvases or use one of their templates and save 85% OFF Wall Displays*.)  I ordered them on Sunday night and they were here by Wednesday… how’s that for customer service?!

journey of doing - #OneRoomChallenge Week 3!P I N I T

I’m excited to see how the gallery wall came together…  It’s a combination of pictures from our honeymoon and our 2016 European adventures.  All of them bring back all the happiest memories, so I thought our office would be an awesome space for them.  I decided to do canvases because I thought they would be the easiest to switch out later if I fall in love with another picture and I wouldn’t have to deal with frames.

journey of doing - One Room Challenge, Week ThreeP I N I T

I was really impressed with the quality of the canvases.  They arrived in two orders and were packaged securely.  The canvases were tightly wrapped around the frame, had the picture hanging kit already attached and the colors were vibrant.  I used the cardboard that the canvases were wrapped on to cut out templates to place on the wall so I could try and get the measurements right.  (I think my box cutter needs a new blade.)  Either way, I’m pretty pleased at how well this has turned out so far.  I need to get the level out and straighten them… but there’s time for that later.

journey of doing - One Week Challenge, Week ThreeP I N I T

journey of doing - One Week Challenge, Week ThreeP I N I T

For the next week I need to focus on…

  • Figuring out window treatments… I’m really starting to think I want a roman shade on the big window… and maybe just sheers over the longer window?  Maybe?  I don’t know.  AHHH window treatments are hard.
  • Desk accessories and organizers
  • Desk chair (do I need a rug?  Hmmm….)
  • Donate the stuff that I still haven’t donated
  • Organize our home files and put things away.

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