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Friday-funday thanks to these lovely ladies!!
1.  Yesterday was a good shopping day for me… Banana Republic is offering 40% off… and these lovely things were already on sale.. so I got three jackets for a little more than the cost of one!!  Nordstrom had the dress on sale – and my mom wanted to buy it for my birthday… but I decided to hold out in hopes that it would go on sale… and it totally did!  I’ll chalk these up as a win – thankyouverymuch!
2.  So remember when I posted about having two Fellows?  Turns out, we had three!  One of them was holding out on me!!  SO PROUD of my staff!!
3.  One of my kids was accepted into a super-elite business program at USC!  We’re talking… 45 kids in the entire WORLD get accepted… and only 15 kids from USC.. the other kids come from Hong Kong and Italian universities.  Did I mention she’s also a finalist for a Presidential Scholarship?!
4.  I find out today if I made the faculty for a Summer Institute.  Cross your fingers for me!!  It’s the first time I’ve EVER applied for anything like this… so I’m super nervous.
5.  Last Friday, I did some photography for some old friends… and I can’t get over how adorable their little six month old is!  If you missed my IG post earlier this week, I offer an adorable re-cap to start your Friday morning off with a smile… 😉
What are you celebrating this Friday?!
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  • hello erin - That dress!! I love it!! I want it – and I want somewhere to wear it? And good luck today 😉 I wanna know ASAP!ReplyCancel

Linking up with Jess and Ashley today… and celebrating a few little things along the way!
  • Two of my five college advisors were chosen for the Fellows Program within our state-wide professional organization.  I’m excited about this because I totally made them apply on a whim, and it means they get to go to the annual conference for free… which means I can send the other three without too much of a stretch on our budget.  While I wish they had all been selected, the two that were are my workhorses… one of them is the one who got the janitor to call the district on her for staying at work too late and the other is my “small” campus advisor who is responsible for THREE campuses.  She’s amazing, too.  YAY for the Fellows Program!!
  • Saturday night, my hubs and I went to watch the JJ Pearce High School production of Beauty and the Beast because one of my kiddos was Belle… and another one was Maurice… and three more of them were in the chorus… and it was amazing for a couple reasons… 1… My Belle won a scholarship and did AMAZING… my heart was about to burst with happiness… and 2… My Hubs is beyond adorable with his love for Beauty and the Beast.  I could totally hear him singing under his breath almost the whole time.  He knows ALL.THE.WORDS.  But seriously – check this out – how amazing are my kids?!!?!?

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  • hello erin - YES!! i love tom for knowing all the words!! pretty sure going to see beauty and the beast when i was little was my first show. . . it will forever hold a special place in my heart 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Courtney Sweet - They are amazing! and, pretty cute that your hubs knows all the words haha =)ReplyCancel

  • Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog - Wow, that high school production of Beauty and Beast looks fantastic! I wish it was in my area to take my daughter. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Sara Elizabeth - I know, right?! They have an AMAZING theater program. It’s ridiculous how good they are… and it’s all student/parent-created… The dads help build the sets and almost all the tech stuff is done by the school!! I’m SO proud!ReplyCancel

  • Kelli Gilbert - so fun! that’s an amazing production!ReplyCancel

  • itsabsolutelyridiculous - I looooooooooooove Beauty and the Beast! BRAVO!!!!!!ReplyCancel

Celebrating the best day of the week!
1.  Back from Vegas and barely enough time to unpack… tonight we’re off to Los Angeles to host a baby shower for my beautiful friend Elizabeth!  Love, love, love this girl!!  She and Mikey are going to the be the best boy parents!  I mean, how fun are they?!
2.  Valentine’s Day.  The year of the dino!   Seriously.  They are EVERYWHERE.  And my dear friends Sean and Morgan even sent dino Valentine’s… and how adorable is it that they still send all their friends these fun little Valentine cards in the mail!?  LOVEEEEEEEE!  I don’t know what the Hubs and I will be doing to celebrate since we’ll be on a plane, but I’m hoping it involves picking up a pizza and ice cream in our hotel room… because that seems like a good compromise, right?!
 3.  This summer.  Harvard.  Me.  (Anddd not just to visit my kiddo either…)  Stay tuned.
4.  I’m sick.  It’s a nasty cold.  And I don’t like it.  I’m drugging myself trying to get better before this weekend because we have all kinds of good things going on this weekend!
5.  I bought some new pants from Banana Republic while we were in Vegas… and I’m totally obsessed with a million things in their store right now.  This is why shopping is bad for me… especially when I venture outside my normal stores.
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  • hello erin - SICK!! nooooooo. big major boo. but i’m glad you discovered the loveliness of banana 🙂ReplyCancel

Linking up with Jess and Ashley to celebrate the little things and ignore the freezing cold weather outside this week… is it spring yet?!  So without further adieu… here are the things that are
getting me through the winter blues…
  • Moleskin… seriously.  We walked ALL OVER Vegas on Saturday, and the only thing that got me through Britney on Saturday night was moleskin and a lot of first aid tape… thank goodness this ballerina knew what to do with some moleskin and tape!!  My only solace is how beautiful everything was and how AMAZING it was to be surrounded be such a fun group of friends for an entire weekend!

Erins BirthdayP I N I T

  • School day testing registration is officially over today… and while it’s not REALLY over until after the 26th… I am grateful for how hard my college advisors have worked thus far on getting all the juniors registered.  I’m also glad that I won’t have to consolidate any more reports every night… or interrogate my college advisors… because I’m pretty sure they are about to kill me.

How about you?  What makes your world better today?  Snow days?  Snow-delays?

Tell me what I’m missing out on!

Las Vegas Venetian at NightP I N I T

Las Vegas Eiffel TowerP I N I T

Las Vegas Ceiling ArtP I N I T

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We’re off to Vegas but not before we celebrate Friday with these ladies!
1.  We are off to Vegas at 12:00 to celebrate Erin’s dirty thirty!  It involves all things amazing – Caesar’s Palace, Britney Spears, and whatever other debauchery Erin has planned for us.  I’m just hoping that yesterday’s snow storm causes minimal delays… because I am ready for a BREAK!

2. Our wedding on the DMagazine Bridal Blog!  I’m totally excited about that…!!

Ritz Carlton Dallas Reception EntranceP I N I T

3.  It snowed yesterday.  And it was terrible.  I had to drive to one of our schools for an unexpected meeting, nearly died on the freeway… and when we stopped by NorthPark to see if I could find any last minute steals for Vegas… EVERYTHING WAS CLOSED.  #Dallasproblems #snowpocalyse

4.  My teeth are still sore from last week’s dental adventure… and I go back for more work on them in another week.  Any suggestions for pain management in the interim?  I definitely feel for my friends who have babies going through teething more than ever now!!

5.  Can we just talk about how I am ready for this week to be over?  Seriously… it has been SO HARD.  Over.  It.

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  • Sarah - Have SO MUCH FUN in Vegas!! I’m going next month – the purpose was to see Britney – and then she decided not to have any shows in March. In short? I’m super jealous!

    We will get together when you get back!!! <3ReplyCancel

  • hello erin - This weekend will totes make up for the awful week!! And eek wedding feature!!!!ReplyCancel

  • E. Erquitt - I can’t wait to go to Vegas and see Britney! Girl puts on an AWESOME show.ReplyCancel

  • Courtney Sweet - Have too much fun in Vegas!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Becky M - Sounds like a great birthday!


  • Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog - Visiting from the link up. Congrats on the wedding feature!ReplyCancel