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Photography Tips and Tricks

Photography Tips and Tricks

If you want to truly master your camera and take great pictures, you have to get out of auto mode on your camera. Learn how you can master the basic settings (and learn which ones to set and forget) so that there

Get Out of Auto Mode (and into Manual Mode) on Your Camera

I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile because people are always asking me how to improve their

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What’s in my Camera Bag

While we all know that I’m the worst at editing my photos in a timely fashion, I do get a lot of love on my

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Night Photography Tips

One of my favorite things about traveling is photographing cities at night. There is something magical about cities at

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How to Photograph Fireworks

Now that summer is upon us and the 4th of July is coming up, I thought I’d give you some of my best tips on how