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Piazzale Michelangelo

When I get sad about our wedding photos, my husband tries to comfort me by telling me that maybe I was too beautiful to photograph. Maybe that’s why we didn’t get any pictures together. (He’s sweet. Really sweet. But that’s not exactly that comforting.)

I didn’t really understand what he was talking about until we headed up to the Pizzale Michelangelo on our honeymoon in Florence. This particular piazza was one of my favorite places to go during my study abroad semester. My roommates and I would take our journals and our sketchbooks and sit up there for hours.
Journey of Doing: Piazzale MichaelangeloP I N I T

When my mom and I went to Italy in 2010, I dragged her up the stairs. (We subsequently took a cab back).  She appreciated the view, but we didn’t stay for sunset because we had reservations for a cooking class. I was determined to show my husband the colors that inspired the Renaissance painters, so I set our dinner reservations late…

I expertly navigated the narrow back streets that wind up the Florentine hills and bounded up the stairs that lead to the piazza overlooking Florence. I couldn’t wait!

Journey of Doing: Piazzale MichaelangeloP I N I T

I took picture after picture after picture… and while I love these photos, I was so sad that I couldn’t capture the beauty of the sky. The colors that slowly (and brilliantly) shot across the sky. The yellow lamps of Florence that slowly lit up the city that I called home. The Renaissance colors that obliterated the late afternoon haze. I resigned myself that maybe, just maybe, my husband is right.

Some things are too beautiful to be captured in a photograph. They just have to be experienced.  If you don’t head up to the Pizzale Michelangelo when you are in Florence… I’ll be disappointed in you.

Have you experienced things that seemed too beautiful to photograph or am I just incompetent? Am I crazy for spending two hours waiting for these moments that were too beautiful to capture?

Journey of Doing: Piazzale MichaelangeloP I N I T

Journey of Doing: Piazzale MichaelangeloP I N I T

Journey of Doing: Piazzale Michaelangelo at sunsetP I N I T

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  • Laura - That is such a lovely thing for your husband to say! And I think he might be right, it’s definitely true that taking a picture doesn’t capture what you expect, whether it’s the colour, the detail or the depth or something, it just doesn’t always compute. I normally assume that this is down to my (lack of) photography skills, but I prefer this thought better!
    I love Florence, it’s so stunning. I’ve just finished reading Dan Brown’s Inferno and i’ve now got incredible wanderlust for it.
    Laura xReplyCancel

  • Biana @ Blovedboston - I can see why that was a favorite spot of yours when you were studying abroad – it is absolutely beautiful there! the views are stunning! xo, Biana –BlovedBostonReplyCancel

  • Amanda Elizabeth - Absolutely stunning these pictures! That is on my next bucket list travel places!ReplyCancel

  • Christina - Your photos are just gorgeous – and those views… so amazing!ReplyCancel

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