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Professional Success in 2017 – it’s only February!

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a week since I met up with Katie for a lunch date in Michigan!!  If I’m being completely honest, I’ve been sick since I got back on Saturday night.  Up until yesterday, I hadn’t eaten since Monday.  I ended up in the ER for fluids and drugs on Wednesday… and I’m still not totally healed, but at least I’m keeping liquids in my body for more than 10 minutes now.  YAY!

Now, keeping with this month’s theme… let’s get to the good stuff and talk about professional success in 2017… better known as the moments that have brought me great joy (among all the tough ones – devos, I’m looking at you).

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Professional Success in 2017

  • I have been asked to serve on the Cal Tech Advisory Board.  Somewhere in heaven my dad is saying, “YES!  She’s finally using the engineering degree to do something positive!”  While I don’t know about ALL THAT, I do know that I’m super excited and totally honored to have been asked to serve with such a great group of professionals.  (Let’s just appreciate Sara-with-engineering-degree, shall we?)


  • In other professional accomplishments, I found out that I’m definitely presenting at TACAC (got 1 out of 2 proposals accepted!), so you’ll definitely see me living out at least one of my 2017 travel plans in San Antonio in April!  I’m super excited about this because I’m presenting with some great colleagues on a topic that is sure to ruffle a few feathers… and we all know how much I enjoy doing that.  😉
  • Last week I got an email from a college on Ohio letting me know that another college in Ohio (lol) had named me as one of the people they wanted on their visit program… so for a few days in March, I’ll be headed to Ohio to visit a handful of schools.  I’m not going to lie – it’s nice to know that people recognize the work that we’re doing!  (Is this the year of the midwest for me?  Two trips to Michigan, one to Indiana, and another one to Ohio??)
  • I had a promising call last week with an institution about one of my favorite students.  It had been a tough morning (and tough to connect), but the time she took with me to listen to my talk about why my kid is SO amazing just encouraged me in so many ways.  Sometimes I forget what a gift it is when someone will take time to listen to me…  which kind of sounds jerky to say… but a lot of time, we fire off applications and never have a conversation about them.  This one was important though… and I appreciate the time that this woman took to talk to me.  Here’s hoping.  I can’t wait to tell you the story of this scholar.  I hope it has a happy ending.  She sent me poetry called Love All this week and it’s the most beautiful, human damn thing I’ve ever read…  Oh, I need this to work out.

“Love all, especially the ones who tell you not to.”

  • I know it’s early in the year but what are you proud of this year?  Even if it’s just a seemingly small thing, I want you to celebrate your professional success in 2017.  Brag on yourself.  Lean in.  Be excited.  Do something for you.  AND ABOVE ALL ELSE…

Nevertheless, persist.

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  • Sarah Elizabeth - What an amazing beginning to 2017! I love that people around the country are affirming the work y’all are doing, and that you and your students are being given so many wonderful opportunities to showcase your passion and their talent & intelligence. Reading your blog is always such an uplifting experience for me and continues to inspire me!ReplyCancel

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