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March: Self care and being healthy

At the end of February, I found myself confronted with the basic “if you’re taking care of everyone else, who is taking care of you?” question.  I struggled to answer it – not because I don’t have a wonderfully supportive husband – but because, as much as I preach self-care and being healthy, I’m really bad at practicing it.  I don’t know if it’s because I was gone so much in February (2 trips to Michigan, 1 to Indiana), because I got sick every time I came home, or because I had to confront a few uncomfortable realities at the end of the month, but February really took a toll on me mentally and physically.  Thus, my intention for March was born.

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Self Care and Being Healthy – Action Items

Y-Barre, Ultimate Dance, and 50 Uninterrupted Minutes

My husband had been talking about joining a gym for the last part of 2016, so one of his Christmas presents was a family membership to our neighborhood YMCA.  I chose the Y because it’s within walking distance of our house, so I knew I would go.  I’m one of those people who won’t drive to a gym that’s out of the way.  It has to be convenient for my life.

I started off January working out with my husband.  I’d run to warm up and we would lift weights together.  This worked well enough – until I got sick.  In February, if I was in town, I would just do weights with my husband.  No cardio.  On the very last day of February, I decided to pop into a Y-Barre class and see what happened.

Guys.  I was insane. Not because the workout was (too) hard, but the endorphin high afterward made me a force to be reckoned with.  No one and nothing was safe.  I felt focused and ready to attack the day.

I went back a few times last week, and I’ve decided that it’s going to be a priority for me.  Lifting weights with my husband is great (and I still want to do that), but I’m going to take a few classes.  Get my blood pumping.  Stretch my body out.  Take that time for me where I’m not chained to my phone, answering emails, text messages, or phone calls.  Fifty minutes completely uninterrupted is a luxury I didn’t know I needed.  I think this addresses both self care and being healthy… which is a complete win.

journey of doing - self care and being healthyP I N I T

Meal Planning

I am happy with where my weight is most of the time, but with so much travel in February, my food choices left a lot to be desired.  I think that virus that kept me from eating anything for an entire week probably helped too.  One of the best ways I stay on track is to have food ready to go.  If I don’t have it ready to go, I have a tendency to stop at Chic Fil A on the way home.  Or crave going out.  Or eat all the oreos.  (Ever since I found Aldi, I realized that I can do this without feeling bad because they are so cheap!)

One of the things I did this weekend was print out the Banting green list and go grocery shopping.  I am in town almost all of March, so making healthy food choices should be pretty easy.  If I have food, I’ll make good choices.  The end.

Self Care and Things I Want To Do

These types of things are harder for me to quantify and schedule, but I’m going to try to come up with some ideas for self care this month.

  • I haven’t had my nails done in more than a few years.  In fact, the last manicure I had may have been when we got married.  I’d like to do this before our trip.  This also goes for getting my eyebrows waxed and having a facial.  Few things are better than an oxygen facial at the Crescent Spa or Bliss.  (I probably just need a full spa day, yes?)
  • Clean out my closet, decide what I need for our Italian adventure, and take some time to look for what I want.  Too often I feel like this is a frantic trip right before we leave.  It doesn’t need to be.  I mean – I posted a spring dresses for Italy post last month.  I know what I’m looking for!!
  • Continue working on my winter goals.  Steph and I will be linking up on Friday, March 17 with our spring goals, so don’t forget to join us!  I know you have great spring cleaning aspirations… or maybe that’s just me.  Grab a button and link it up with us!

So there you have it… I’ve put it in writing so it has to happen.  My deliberate intention for March is self care and being healthy.  I’ll check in at the end of the month and let you know how it went.

  • Mandy - Good for you for taking the steps toward managing self-care for you. It sounds like you are doing great what with planning ahead for food needs and finding an exercise class you enjoy doing. Hopefully, you will find time for the other goals in your life – like your winter goals and getting a manicure. I always feel like there is never enough time in a day, let alone a week/month/year/lifetime for accomplishing all that I want to. Waking up to exercise that energizes you for the day and eating healthy will definitely make it easier to get done all that you want to accomplish/ 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - It’s funny that you mention this because I just wrote a post about it (not live til mid April, but I’ll add a link to this post in it!) Self care is so so important and no one does it enough. Myself included. Working out needs to be much higher on my priority list.ReplyCancel

  • Olya @ The Siberian American - I love this! Self care is so important. It’s been forever since I’ve had a manicure, too! I’m pretty weary about them though because both my mother and my mother-in-law have had to have major surgery due to an infection they got during a manicure (what are the odds of that? Haha).ReplyCancel

  • cara - Self-care is so truly important, though it is often the thing that is most forgotten about. I definitely encourage you to do something fun like get your nails or hair done. It’s good to give yourself little rewards every now and then! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Biana - I think it’s awesome that you’re putting yourself first for a change and doing something that makes you happy & will have healthy benefits!! xo, Biana –BlovedBostonReplyCancel

  • Kasie Chelanen - This is such a fabulous post. Self-care is hugely important and I find myself always needing a reminder that it’s okay to practice it. Thank you for the reminder! Your barre class sounds absolutely fabulous.ReplyCancel

  • Katie Elizabeth - Good for you!!! I’m hoping to finally kick the sickness to the curb this month too and get back in the gym or get outside with Brady more. The endorphins are the BEST. Plus, swimsuit season is just around the corner, oh Lord, lol.ReplyCancel

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