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Spring Goals // Winter Goals Recap

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Spring Goals

  • Reformat, refocus, repurpose and reorganize older blog content.  I’ve been going through some of the really old stuff on my blog, and I want to update it.  There are some things in there that I feel like I was just pushing to publish without completely sharing what I hoped to, so don’t be surprised if you see a few blasts from the past updated.  Spoiler alert – last week’s Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton post was one of those posts!
  • Try to troubleshoot the hard drive with our December 2016 Europe photos on it before spending the big bucks to save it.
  • Create a book from our April 2016 adventures…. now that all the photos are edited!
  • Finish off the so-close-to-being-done home office.
  • Figure out the next big home organizing project.
  • Give the good things some brain space.  This week has been rough when it comes to college admissions decisions… but there are some great things, too.

Winter Goals Recap

  • [DONE!  Although this (at times) felt like way more trouble than it was worth, it was fantastic to have everyone over on Christmas day! I’m looking forward to our next celebration.] Host our first Christmas celebration in our house.
  • [I actually unpacked the boxes and started organizing the stuff that was everywhere.  I’m still not working in there yet, but I made a lot of progress.]  Finish that One Room Challenge I never finished so I can have a functional home office.
  • [DONE… if you only count April 2016 due to technical difficulties on my hard drive for the December 2016 adventures… recaps are in progress!] Edit Europe 2016 photos and recap my favorite adventures.
  • [Kind of.  Stay tuned.] Find a way to publicize all the awesome things our students have accomplished this year.
  • [FAIL.] Prioritize date night with my husband.
  • [FAIL… mostly due to the technical difficulties. Right now it’s looking like it’s going to cost upwards of $2,000 to recover the hard drive that I downloaded my pictures to… so we’ll see when I get that fixed.] Create a souvenir of our trip for my mom – not sure what that looks like yet, so I’ll take any ideas.  😉
  • [In progress – I’ve been working on self care and being healthy this month.  I am feeling better, too!]  Get healthy again.  I seriously need a detox from our European adventure (all the sugar and carbs)…


Goalgetters, how did you do?  What are your plans for spring?  Grab a button and link up below with me and Steph!

  • James - Thanks for sharing! I never took the time to write mine down but my list looks similar. You can do it!

    Your winter goal #5 is a good one to prioritize.


  • SMD @ Life According to Steph - I fully need to board the healthy train.

    I have no energy to go back through old blog posts LOLReplyCancel

  • Mandy - Wait! What?!? Your [old] hard drive died? That’s one of my biggest fears! My laptop is currently backed up, but my external hard drive is not. My husband is working on getting us set up with Amazon, so that we can back up my external. I have had it happen before where I lost my laptop hard drive and back up hard drive all within a few days of one another (so basically I lost everything). Luckily I hadn’t traveled too much before that happened, so I really only lost college papers, music, movies, etc… My current external holds all of my travel images from my first trip to Europe, etc… up until my most recent trip to Hawaii. If I lost those images, I would just die. 🙁 So I can’t even imagine what you must be feeling to have possibly lost Europe images from last December!

    If you don’t mind my asking, what is your current backup setup? Like I said, we’re considering going with Amazon cloud, but I’m surprised you lost some pictures, but not all. It sounds like you have some method in place?

    Anyway, 1) I hope you blog about your April Europe pics book! I’d love to see how it turns out and hear about which company you use to print it! 🙂 2) Love that you are doing a blog clean out and resharing posts. I need to do that… and 3) Really interested in that one room challenge. I need to do that as well… 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Dolce Nina - Amazing goals! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I’ve been working on being healthy too, it’s harder than it looks! Does self care involve buying the glitter shoes you sent me? Because if so, I’m at least rocking the self care aspect 😉
    Good luck with the home office this quarter! Can’t wait to see the final result.ReplyCancel

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