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St. Regis Florence Honeymoon

A few weeks ago, I promised that our St. Regis Florence honeymoon stay would be getting its own post.  That day has come. The St. Regis really made our honeymoon in Florence AMAZING, and I want everyone to experience their incredible service too.

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Without a doubt, the St. Regis was the ultimate honeymoon experience for us.  If I could have stayed there for the entirety of our trip, I would have (except for that whole visiting other places thing).  The staff went so far above and beyond to make our stay especially memorable. There are not enough words in the world to express my gratitude for how special they made our honeymoon.  While I had put a note in our reservation that we were coming for our honeymoon and interacted a little with them via instagram, we did not have extensive communication with the hotel.  I want everyone to experience the magic of this hotel.

St. Regis Florence Honeymoon – Arrival

We arrived in Florence around 12:00 – earlier than originally planned – because we skipped a tour on Wednesday morning.  The St. Regis staff knew exactly who we were, and although our room wasn’t ready yet, they offered to call us when it was ready.  We took that opportunity to walk over to one of my favorite restaurants, Trattoria Sostanza, for lunch and enjoyed a leisurely walk along the Arno.  Our room was ready and we were immediately escorted up to our room by the front office manager, Stephanie, with a “Welcome back to Florence” sign on the door.  It was made of paper hearts.  That was the first sign that someone had done their research.

St. Regis Florence Honeymoon – The Room

As she opened the door, we were led into the most beautiful suite overlooking the Arno.  The room was bigger than our first apartment and had two bathtubs.  It was ridiculously beautiful with impeccable old-world style furnishings.  In addition to a bottle of prosecco and assorted desserts, the room was decorated with confetti hearts and they left old postcards of Florence on the bed.  It might have been the most romantic hotel experience I have EVER had – no detail was left untouched.

Side note: we got married at the Ritz Carlton Dallas, and we did not receive anywhere near the same caliber of attention to detail and service that the St. Regis Florence provided.  The difference is unparalleled.

The bed was so comfortable, the water pressure was exceptional, and I was obsessed with the bath salts.  The lights had dimmer switches and turn down service set the romantic ambiance while we enjoyed long dinners. The room had a great walk-in closet, and although we didn’t take advantage of it, the suite comes with butler service.  Our room was always serviced while we were out.  The hotel overlooks the Arno and it’s about a ten minute walk to the Duomo.  Breakfast was served in the winter garden room each morning, but we skipped breakfast.  We had no problem getting to the hotel at night and always felt very safe.  Even though we were on the first floor, we didn’t have any issues with street noise and I loved our outside sitting areas!

journey of doing - St. Regis Florence HoneymoonP I N I T


journey of doing - St. Regis Florence honeymoonP I N I T


St. Regis Florence Honeymoon – More Details

The second afternoon, we returned to find photoshopped pictures of us at different Florence landmarks and confetti of different European photographs.  They seriously had done some crazy internet research and found all the pictures of us!  They also created a scroll of my study abroad semester post, tied it with a ribbon, and left us an envelope with blank paper to write our own stories together.  Again, hello!  Could you be any more romantic?!  The personal touches left me humbled and amazed.  The St. Regis team made our honeymoon so personal and special in a way that no other hotel did.

journey of doing - St. Regis Florence honeymoonP I N I T


St. Regis Florence Honeymoon – Conclusion

Honestly, this hotel is as close to flawless as one can be.  I’ve stayed in a lot of luxury hotels but all of them pale in comparison.  The staff personalized our stay in such a way that I haven’t seen replicated anywhere.  Their attention to detail allowed me to share all the beautiful things I love about Florentine people, life, and culture with my husband in a way that was meaningful to us.  Their thoughtful gestures really helped my husband understand why Florence is such a special place in my heart and why it will always be part of my home.

If you’re looking for a stay in Florence that is absolutely unforgettable, I can attest to the fact that the St. Regis is worth the splurge – even if it’s the only one you make.  (We stayed in a St. Regis Florence river view room in April 2016 – and it was just as incredible.  We returned in 2017 and still cannot complain.)  It’s absolutely one of my favorite hotels in the world… now, if only there was a direct flight to Florence from DFW.

journey of doing - St. Regis Florence HoneymoonP I N I T

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  • Stephanie - The St Regis really is in a league of its own. Every time we’ve stayed at one, we’ve been blown away. The Ritz doesn’t even compare! What a stunning room!!!ReplyCancel

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