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Things that Might Surprise You about Me

Since we all know social media is curated, I don’t think I need to repeat any disclaimer about that.  If you look at my instagram, you might think I’m permanently on vacation (or living in Italy) and that I always wear dresses.  I thought it might be fun to do a post on a few things that might surprise you about me as a way to get to know me outside of my traveling persona.

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Things that Might Surprise You about Me

  • If I’m eating a meal that takes more than 5 minutes to prepare (or eat), I use my wedding china.  Because… honestly, why not?  It’s dishwasher safe, it’s gorgeous, and it makes me feel like I’m… wait for it… eating a real meal.
  • My husband and I rarely go out to dinner.  We might go out to eat maybe once every two months.
  • I really love a good deal.  Yes, I have expensive taste in clothes, housewares and vacations.  (Clothes because they last… vacations because I work too damn hard not to enjoy them.)  Getting a good deal is paramount.  Usually I’ll think that I can get an even better deal and I’ll lose out.  Womp, womp, womp.
  • I have the best of intentions in getting my life organized, but I can’t ever seem to get there.  I’ll get 90% of the way there, something happens, and I allow it to derail all the work I put into getting organized.
  • I drink water 98% of the time.  If I’m having a bad day or need a pick me up at work, I’ll drink a Dr. Pepper.  If we go out to a restaurant, I’m ordering a Shirley Temple.  (Because I’m 5?)  If we’re in Italy, I’m drinking more water than wine, but I’ll splurge occasionally.
  • I think the people I work with are amazing humans.  Seriously – I can’t believe that I get to work with such dedicated individuals who want to change the world.  Even when they move on, I am beyond thankful for the work that they did while they were with us.
  • I don’t mind a curated social media feed.  I find the day-to-day real world pretty depressing these days.  If people want to post what makes them happy, I’m all for it.  You do you.  I love pretty pictures, and I don’t feel bad about it.

Proof That I Don’t Always Take Myself Too Seriously

journey of doing - things that might surprise you about meP I N I T

  • Christine Keane - Lol, I love your photo-booth pictures! Lyndon and I are the complete opposite and go out to eat way too much! We are trying to get better! And I’m all for a curated social media feed 😉ReplyCancel

  • SMD - I was immediately taken by this title and I want to do one.ReplyCancel

  • Katie Elizabeth - LOL at living in Italy. I’m with you on the water (although now you totally have me craving a shirley temple) and I don’t mind a pretty curated feed either. I love looking at beautiful pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders - If you were to look at my feed right now, it’d be the exact same thing, you’d think that I lived in Hawaii! It’s just fun to show off some of the pictures that you love from all of your trips. Plus, like you said, everybody loves a pretty picture!ReplyCancel

  • cara - Loved this post and learning more about you! I love that you eat your dinner on your wedding china! Why not, right?! Also I kind of feel the same about social media. Seeing depressing world news is well just depressing lol. I love seeing all the pretty pictures. Happy Wednesday!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I LOLed at the Shirley Temple, you be 5 girl! Whatever makes you happy. I think a lot of people feel the way you do about getting organized, it’s hard to finish it out.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - We use our wedding china every day, too! In fact we only really have wedding china. What’s the point of having it if you don’t use it?! People were so generous to give it to us, it would be a shame or it to sit in a box somewhere.

    I’m also the same with organisation. I get to the bit where everything’s a dreadful mess, then get distracted and wander off. I am a terrible completer finisher in general and it’s something I am working hard at!ReplyCancel

  • Kay - I go through bouts of drinking water 98% of the time and I love that! Love these.ReplyCancel

  • Mandy - I loved reading this post. No wonder we get along. Shirley temples are the best! (At least occasionally, anyway.) And I’m right there with you, always doubting whether or not I got the best deal. Let’s not even get started on wine vs. water while traveling in places known for their wine. It’s odd, but, even though I like wine, I prefer water. *shrugs* We can’t always live the life featured in our amazing instagrams. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kris - This was such an insightful and honest post!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


  • Bethany Carson - This is such a fun post! I’m with you on drinking water all the time. Pretty much the only time I drink something other than water is when there’s no water (argh, I hate it when events only have pop!), when I’m so dead tired but have to stay awake (and drink coffee–almost never), or when I have to dunk cookies in milk.

    Good coworkers are the best. I am *so* glad I work with the team I do: everyone in my company is nice. When I was looking for a job, at one interview I was asked what kind of people I enjoyed working with. Nice people was my response, but they said their employees were kind of grumpy and didn’t get along. I’m so happy I didn’t end up working for them!

    Also, I’m with you on the benefits of a happy/curated social media feed. If I want to see something sad, I can just read the news!ReplyCancel

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