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Top 5 Things for a Perfect Wedding Day!

It’s no secret that my wedding day was the happiest day of my life…  it was a day that I had been waiting for since I realized that I loved my husband.  We were constantly talking about that some day… and at times it made the waiting unbearable.  However once I was engaged… and we set our date… and then moved it up… I planned a wedding in three short months… and it.was.perfect.

I wanted to recognize all the amazing people who made our day amazing… and offer my tips to anyone planning a wedding in Dallas, on a short timeline, or anyone who actually cares what I have to say.  So to kick this whole thing off (I know, I’m long winded)…

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Top 5 Things for a Perfect Wedding Day

1.  Trust your Professionals.  It sounds simple, right?  It’s easy to forget that when you get caught up in the details, but I hired them for a reason.  I let my wedding coordinator plan the schedule, I let my musicians tell me when we needed to choose different music, I trusted my florist to make substitutions.  I didn’t need to micromanage them – they do this all the time!  If you don’t trust them, don’t hire them!

journey of doing - Top 5 Things for a Perfect Wedding DayP I N I T

2.  Give yourself enough time.  Our wedding didn’t start until 7:30pm, but we still started getting ready before noon.  My wedding coordinator talked to my make-up artist and hair stylist to ensure that everyone had enough time to do their best job.  We ran on-time all night… because we allotted enough time for everything!  I was completely calm and collected on the day of – something I did not expect to happen AT ALL.

3.  Lay out your expectations in advance.  This is something my husband and I always try and do – and sometimes it backfires but no one is a mind reader.  If you don’t want your best man to tell the stories that would make your grandmother’s hair stand on end – tell him well before the wedding.  If you expect everyone to have their hair and make up done by a professional, tell people with enough time to budget for it – or offer to help offset the cost.  If you plan to have a black-tie affair, make sure people can infer from your invitation or utilize family to spread the word.  If you aren’t inviting kids, you better make sure people know.  Things may not go the way you ask, but at least you’ve given people fair warning!

4.  Be kind and gracious.  Seriously.  Who wants to help someone who has been an absolute terror all day?  There’s no reason for it – everyone is doing the best they can and things ALWAYS turn out better when people don’t hate you.  You’ll be happier too.  😉

journey of doing - Top 5 Things for a Perfect Wedding DayP I N I T

5.  Go with it.  You might slip and fall (I did – more on that another day).  Your florist may forget to put something in your bouquet (your wedding planner may send them back for it).  People will get their feelings hurt over something unintentional (Yours will too).  Forgive them all.  Your DJ will play things on your DO NOT PLAY list (and it will keep the party going).  Life will go on and at the end of the day you’ll be married and you’ll have spent the most amazing day surrounded by your sweet friends and family.  It will be over far too quickly so you might as well enjoy it.  🙂


  • Lindsay @ Broke and Bougie - This is great advice! thanks for sharing. I think it’s easy to forget a lot of these things when we are so wrapped up in everything!ReplyCancel

  • Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC - with my wedding 3 weeks out, i love this post! and i LOVE that pic of everyone. so awesome!ReplyCancel

    • Sara Elizabeth - My DJ suggested that! He got everyone out there, the photog grabbed the picture, and them immediately flipped on some dance music like SHOUT to keep everyone out there!ReplyCancel

  • hello erin - hells ya. i LOVE THIS. and it all rings so so true. you were one amazing amazing bride!!ReplyCancel

  • Katie Elizabeth - Go with it is HUGE! I’m such a control freak but I knew this was the one day I just really had to let everything go. I didn’t want to ruin the biggest day of my life by freaking out about every little thing! And yesss to giving yourself enough time – running late would make a bride so anxious!ReplyCancel

  • Em - Totally agree with having to trust your professionals!! You’ll drive yourself crazy if you don’t! On my wedding day, nothing really went wrong because I did! And omg giving yourself enough time is key! There’s nothing worse than rushing through your big day!ReplyCancel

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