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Project Renovation: Ways to Save Money

When you take on an extensive remodel, you realize that there are a LOT of things to buy.  I’m a pretty savvy shopper, but when Ferguson quoted me pendant lights for $621.00 that were on their website for $440 (and people wonder why I don’t trust anyone in this process…?), I knew I needed to take the remodel details into my own hands and find ways to save money!  Similarly, when I googled our backsplash tile, I found it at South Cypress for $10.00 per square foot cheaper than our local retailer and $15.00 per square foot cheaper on FastFloors!  I started looking for the best websites for saving money to help defray some of the costs and/or price check things – and I ended up saving a lot more money than I expected.

ways to save money on renovationP I N I T

  • Ebates (referral link).  I held out on this when my husband started bothering me about it months and months ago, but Jules talked me into it a few weeks ago…  and I’m still wondering why I waited so long to get with the program!  I’ve already earned over $150+ cash back (and received my first check so its not a scam!) in the last month.  There are a ton of retailers on there who aren’t on the AA shopping portal (more on that later), so I’m more than happy to give them my business.  The best part is – if the retailer offers their own loyalty program, you still earn those points too!
  • AAdvantage Shopping Portal – Most airlines and hotel chains have some variation of this portal but since we’re an American Airlines hub, that’s where my loyalty goes!  If you don’t believe the miles add up, here’s a snapshot of my portal:

    Miles Earned Year-to-Date: 24,693

    Total Shopping Miles Earned: 95,127

    I’ve basically earned a domestic round trip flight anywhere in the US this year…. and almost a round trip business class to Europe in cumulative miles…. all for clicking on a retailer through the shopping portal.  That doesn’t count the additional miles earned by using my AA citi card either.  Totally worth it.

  • Faucet Direct – This is specific to those of you who are in the process of remodeling or thinking about it.  I found all the items we liked at Ferguson on FD for a lower price, and we didn’t have to pay freight, shipping, or sales tax.  In addition to the standard midrange brands like Delta or Kohler, they also have the high-end brands like Rohl and California Faucets.  Everything I’ve ordered from them came in quickly and was absolutely perfect.  Definitely worth a look.  Not only are they on Ebates, but they also have their own rewards program so I’ve earned double cash back already.
  • – This is especially good for lighting fixtures.  A lot of the things you find on other websites are on here – same exact product, less expensive.  It’s like Amazon, lol…  I bought our ceiling fans on here for approximately $100 less than what our local hardware store was offering them for – and paid no tax and no shipping.  Like Faucet Direct, they have their own cash back program (and are on Ebates!), so we earned double cash rewards.
  • Amazon – My husband spent HOURS researching the range he wanted for the kitchen.  When he settled on the Capital Culinarian and nowhere locally stocked it, I just happened to find it on Amazon.  We didn’t pay tax our shipping, and we could add the same warranty that was being offered by all the local appliance stores.  This put a couple thousand dollars back in our pocket.
  • Ask for discounts – We had a very specific bathtub in mind, so we spent a couple hours going to a few retailers to make sure we were getting the best price.  When one of them offered us 35% off, we asked our contractor if he thought he could beat it.  He told us to go for it and then gave us an idea of what we would save with his discount (8-10%).  Outside of our range, we bought the rest of our appliances locally, and we asked for contractor pricing.  Those discounts weren’t huge, but they did add up… and make up for ALLLLLL the paint samples I bought.  😉

Obviously there are all kinds of ways to save money, but these are some of the best places we found to cut costs while still getting exactly what we want.   Do you have a favorite website or way to save money?  Throw it at me!  I love coming up with new ideas!

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