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  1. Saving this for our trip! I was worried about finding good eats in Rome and Venice because we want true Italian food not tourist traps. Thanks for the tip on the shoes!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your mistakes during your trip, but I actually really appreciate when bloggers write posts like this! It’s so informative and it’s almost always things I wouldn’t have thought of myself, so THANk you so much!

  3. It’s hard to believe there could be any bad food in Italy! At least you’ll have to another chance to fix that 😉 And love early mornings on vacation. I can only imagine that it makes for the best pictures, too!

  4. Shoes can totally make or break a trip, I agree! I usually try to have a pair of black or gray sneakers that don’t scream “tourist” and can still function essentially as a great walking shoe. When it rained in Venice/Rome, I wore Nike Eclipses, and with my black jeans, they were entirely unnoticeable. Sounds like you still managed to have a wonderful trip, though!

  5. these are like legit tips. . . especially the food. and the shoes. two VERY important things when traveling. looks like you’ll just have to go back again and do it 100% right 😉

  6. Wow, I can relate to a lot of these!

    …Except for the food. I have to say that every meal I had in Italy was absolutely unreal. I think I gained weight each time I’ve been!

    In Venice, somehow we ended up walking EVERYWHERE instead of taking advantage of public transport. Which brings me to ALSO being very familiar with the whole “packing the wrong shoes problem”…my feet were aching for days!

  7. I’ve found that some of the cuter crocs versions, even the sandals are good for rainy, warm weather. Comfortable and fast drying! Enjoy your next trip!

  8. I definitely took the easy way out route on the food two nights in Cape Town and totally regret it. The food next to the hotel was gross and one night we were too tired to venture and the next night I ordered room service and it ended up being from that god forsaken place. LOL

  9. Such a great post. I was nodding along and laughing as I read this post because I made some of the same mistakes (read: 1, 4 and 5). We did good though on the transportation bit – public transport in Rome is very convenient and affordable and we saved quite a bit of morning taking the trains (or just walking) to most places. I recommend it if you are headed back that way.

  10. I heard that good food can be hard to find in Rome, because the center is so touristy. And as far as comfy waterproof shoes recommendations go, I always vouch for the the Crocs Adrina flats. They’re my go-to travel shoes because they’re so versatile, featherlight, and waterproof. And despite being from Crocs, they’re actually kinda cute!

  11. I never would’ve thought about the food being touristy in certain areas, even though it makes total sense. I think that would’ve been my #1 thing, too, if I had gone! lololol Food is usually the most important part of any/every trip for me, lol

  12. It seems like I always have similar luck with planning eats on vacations as well. I always have intentions to go to these specific restaurants, but then things change and we end up eating somewhere else instead. Great tips, though!

  13. Awesome tips! I so cannot wait to cross the pond again, and Italy is very high up on my list. The right walking shoes and getting up earlier are so key. And the food! We made the same mistake when we were in Barcelona, I feel like we didn’t research enough and missed out on some amazing eats.

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