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  1. That’s such a bummer that they assume you want your steak over cooked sometimes just because you’re an American! I’m a medium rare girl too so that would have made me mad! Both places really do sound amazing, but if you’ve been frequenting one restaurant for years, that truly does say something about it! I’m glad that I read this at lunchtime because now I’m hungry and craving Italian!

  2. I have not ordered bistecca when I have visited Florence because I am not sure I would enjoy the medium rare term. I have tried meat like this in Buenos Aires and I didn’t like it that much (my Dad will cringe if he hears me saying that). But, I know my palate has changed over the years and this may taste delicious to me now. My husband will eat it without thinking about it. #WanderfulWednesday

  3. Ah you always have the greatest food guides! I’d actually not heard of bistecca, but I like my steak medium rare (not overdone) so maybe I would like it!

  4. Yummmmm this made me hungry. That is exactly how I like my steak, so I’d be a very happy camper with these meals. There’s a very good chance they’d be gluten free, too 🙂 Sidenote: I love how you say the Italians will try to accommodate what they perceive to be your style of eating steak. Most of my experience is in France, where they will absolutely not yield to personal preference, ha.

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