Energizing Facial with Origins Pink Water Cream

I’ve been a long time loyalist to my La Mer skin care routine.  I love the refining facial, but it’s not exactly an energizing facial.  It’s pretty low key and it’s one of the few products that doesn’t burn or irritate my skin.  As a result, I’m hesitant to try new products because of the cost associated with finding out that they don’t work.  I spend such little time shopping that I rarely find myself in a position to test products at the store.  So, when Influenster sent me these products to try, I was excited but a definitely little dubious.  (For reference, my skin type is normal.)

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Origins Pink Water Cream Energizing Facial

Step One – Origins Retexturizing Mask

The first time I tried the mask, I had just settled into the bathtub after a long day.  I lathered the Origins mask on my face and neck and set a timer for 10 minutes.  I expected to hate it because of the strong citrusy scent, but I got used to it.  The mask stayed fairly soft, but I could feel it drying and tightening my skin.  When it was completely dry, there was a light pink tint to it.

After 10 minutes, I splashed my face and neck clean.  I was not expecting my skin to be so soft!  The other thing that I noticed was that my energy level had picked up considerably.  An energizing facial?  What is this?!

Step Two – Origins Renewal Serum

After I finished feeling my face (keeping it real), I put a thin layer of the serum on my face.  I was worried that the combination of the mask and the serum would cause my skin to react, but it didn’t!  YAY!  The serum had the same citrusy scent and created an even more smooth texture.

What I really liked about the serum was that it went on smooth and didn’t feel sticky.  I’ve used serums in the past that left me feeling like I had just clogged my pores with glue.  I didn’t feel that with this one.  It felt like I had just covered my skin with silk.

Step Three – Origins Matte Moisturizer

If I’m being totally honest, the moisturizer looked so unappealing when I opened it.  It looked like it might feel gritty or feel heavy.  Again, it had the strong smell of citrus, so I thought it might burn.  I went for it anyway, dabbing a little bit on at a time.  No skin reaction.  It went on smoother than I expected (I was wrong) and my skin absorbed it quickly.

When I was done with the entire treatment, I felt ready to conquer the world.  Seriously.  My second wind kicked in, and I felt awake, alive, and ready to get things done!  (This, of course, was slightly problematic as I had an early morning the following day.)

Final Thoughts on the Origins Pink Water Cream Products

Not to be swayed by a single use (and inspired by the second wind of energy), I started using this energizing routine on a more (read: very regular) basis.  I threw caution to the wind and refused to be bound by their 1-2 times a week directive.

I dried my skin out and burned my eyelids.  (Those directions are there for a reason.)  I recommend using the daily cleanser in lieu of using the mask more frequently.  But, I really do love the energy that I get from these products.  There’s something about the scent and the feel that gets me up and going!  I’ve cut back to using it once a week (or less), and I absolutely love it.  If you’re looking for an energizing facial routine or some new products to try, I highly recommend this combination for an at home spa experience!  If you want to try it out, the same way I did, this is a great deal on a trial-sized kit!

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  1. An energizing skincare routine?! I definitely need this in my life! I can relate to your problem with products getting too close to your eyes and them burning…guilty as charged!

  2. I got some Origins products from Influenster as well and I love the smell too! There is just something about citrus that is so energizing.

  3. Yay influenster! I love getting sent products to try from them! Even better when it works! Sorry you dried your skin out, but at least now you know they are very serious with their directions?

    (If it had been me, I probably would have thrown the product out after drying my skin out from misusing the product, so kudos to you for continuing to work with the product and your skin!)

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