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  1. Great tour suggestions. I’d love to explore the Tuscan countryside at sunset, do a wine tour, or learn to make pasta! Definitely jealous that you’ve had the opportunity to do all of those!

  2. Italy is on my list and these look like some great options for touring! I love the idea of taking cooking classes, so that you have actual recipes and knowledge to bring home, instead of just cheesey souvenirs. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  3. I love Florence–what a lot of wonderful ideas! I’d definitely like to do the night walking tour. The Palazzo Vecchio tour would be worth it just for that fantastic view as the lights are coming on. Spectacular photo! Coming home knowing how to make pizza and pasta might be dangerous, though 😉

  4. I visited Florence years ago as part of an organized 2 week tour of Italy so I didn’t get to try any separate tours. I would love to try the wine walking one next time I am there. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  5. Ahh this has me reminiscing about being back in Florence in October <3 I love that city so much… also I didn't realize you'd lived there! We did the Uffizi tour that you list which was really good but SOO crowded – omg!! At least people are appreciating art so I can't complain about that haha. I really wanted to do the Fiat 500 tour but I can't drive manual. Your photo from that with your husband is sooo cute!!

  6. We were in Florence a few years ago, for a wedding. We didn’t have but a week there and explored the city by ourselves, but I see it’s a good idea to book a tour sometimes. The tour for history must be very interesting. You probably find out a lot about the city. #TheWeeklyPostcrd

  7. These are so interesting — pinning for future travel planning! I do love tours so I can know more about the sights I’m seeing. Your historical tour suggestions are my first choice!

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