Hotel de Seze Paris Review

Paris is the most frequent direct flight from Dallas to Europe. As such, we are constantly on the hunt for hotels in Paris. There are a lot of luxury hotels in Paris that you can spend a lot of money (or points) on, but where do you stay if you don’t want to do that? Or, where do you stay if you want to spend more time in Paris?

One of our personal challenges for our France trip this summer was to keep the average cost per night below $150. I didn’t think I would make it, but then I found Hotel de Seze Paris. (There is also a Hotel de Seze Bordeaux. I don’t think they are related.) And, I almost got there. (I think we ended up at $155! Not bad when you consider that it’s Paris in the summer!)

Overall, this ended up being a solid 4 star hotel in Paris that was easy to get to with several amenities that we enjoyed. It’s very comfortable, well-located, and an enjoyable stay in Paris at the perfect price point. We’re going to try another hotel in a different arrondissement at the end of our trip, so stay tuned for that!

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Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze review

Where is Hotel De Seze in Paris?

I chose Hotel de Seze for this trip to Paris because it wasn’t too far from Gare Saint-Lazare. We spent 2 nights here before picking up a rental car from Saint Lazare. It’s technically in the 9th arrondissement, though it’s right around the corner from Place Vendome in the 1st arrondissement. You could be at the Tuileries and Louvre or L’Orangerie in less than 15 minutes.

Further, the hotel is less than 5 minutes from the Madeleine and Auber metro stations. (We took the RER B from CDG to Chatelet and the metro to Auber before walking to the hotel.) We know this area fairly well from staying at Hotel Dress Code, another 4-star hotel in the 9th arrondissement that we love. (It’s also super close to the Park Hyatt and Hyatt Madeleine, if you have Hyatt points to use in Paris!)

Importantly, for me, it’s less than 10 minutes from the Ritz Paris. We could definitely stay here when I take pastry classes at the Ritz Escoffier. It is a great option if you are looking for something that is reasonably priced for the week-long classes, particularly if you are traveling with a partner who likes to sightsee while you are in class.

Who will love this hotel?

With any hotel review, I feel like you have to manage expectations. Ultimately, this is a luxury hotel blog, and I am a luxury travel advisor. I write about some truly exceptional hotels. This is a great hotel in Paris, especially for the location and the price point. It’s more modern than Hotel Le Tourville and less edgy than Hotel Dress Code. (Hotel du Louvre is in a completely separate category than the aforementioned properties.)

It is a great hotel for couples who have been to Paris or aren’t looking for a particularly romantic trip to Paris. I would bring my mom here, but we would definitely need separate rooms. Hotel de Seze is a good hotel if you don’t mind walking or taking the metro in Paris. It would require more metro changes than the Hyatt Etoile, but you could walk more places. It would not be great if you are someone who likes a scene in your hotel – there is not a restaurant or bar. If you want a room with a view, this is not your hotel.

If you’re looking for a true luxury hotel in Paris, you’ll want to stay somewhere else. However, if you’re looking for a strong four-star hotel in the heart of Paris, Hotel de Seze could be your hotel.

Overall, it feels like a small European boutique hotel, which is exactly what it is. I love that it’s not trying to be anything more than that. And, I love the fact that it has a steam room – it’s such a nice bonus that I didn’t expect at this price point.

Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze Paris lobby
Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze Paris lobby
The small lobby area of Hotel de Seze doubles as the breakfast area. I loved how beautifully it was decorated!

Check In at Hotel de Seze

We arrived at Hotel de Seze shortly after 3:00pm. Leo met us at reception and provided throughout details of the hotel. He was SO kind and engaging. There are two breakfast options, ranging from 9-20 euros, if you choose to take it. You can add it to your room at any point, should you opt to take advantage of it. That’s not something that we opted for, but I thought it was nice that there were options.

There is complimentary water and tea in the lobby, as well as an honor bar that you can add to your room. Your room will also have complimentary tea, coffee, and water. Water in your room is replaced daily. The only thing they charge for are cans (soda/juice) and chocolate.

You can book the steam room 24/7, and there is also an exercise room available. There is a nice elevator, but we tried to use the stairs whenever possible since we were only on the first floor.

Room 10 – Deluxe Room Review

Leo was super kind to upgrade us to a deluxe room, as it would be slightly larger. Reminder: this is Paris. Hotel rooms are small (unless you’re staying at the Park Hyatt Paris). This was probably the same size, if not larger than the executive room at Hotel Le Tourville on the Left Bank, where were stayed in March. Hotel de Seze does a great job of utilizing mirrors to make the room feel larger and brighter.

Our deluxe room overlooked an interior courtyard, so it was super quiet. The blackout curtains also worked well, especially considering it was summer and it doesn’t get dark until super late. Between the jetlag and the blackout curtains, I slept almost 8 hours, which is a record for me. (I think we had an air conditioned room, but we opted to just sleep with the window open. France is trying to lead the way with sustainability, so we try to do our part.)

The room had a double bed that was reasonably comfortable with nice linens. (I’m a bed snob because of my hip problems.) Both sides had nightstands, lamps, and reading lights. Our bathroom was divided between two rooms with pocket doors. One had a large walk-in shower and vanity and the other was a separate toilet, which was also similar to Le Tourville. Bath products are Clarins, which is really nice. Robes and bath towels are the softest and most fluffy I’ve ever had – at home or at a hotel! The hot water was great, and the water pressure was fine. The overhead shower was more powerful than the hand shower. That was a first for us!

I had a small desk for working, and there was a comfortable chair for reading. We had a safe, mini-fridge, tea kettle, coffee maker, and wine glasses available. The internet was strong. There were also nice wooden hangers in the closet area, as well as plenty of shelf space. Perhaps the only drawback was not having a good corner to store the luggage in, but we had plenty of room.

Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze deluxe room tour
Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze deluxe room review
Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze deluxe room review
The pocket doors are mirrored which makes the room feel larger when they are closed.
Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze deluxe room review
Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze deluxe room tour
Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze deluxe room review
Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze deluxe room bathroom
Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze deluxe room bathroom
Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze deluxe room bathroom
Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze deluxe room bathroom
Most France hotels have gone to the refillable bottles as a move towards sustainability.
Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze deluxe room bathroom

Hotel de Seze Amenities

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that Hotel de Seze offered a hammam steam room. You can book it for any time of day with 30 minutes advance warning. We booked it for a same-day afternoon visit. It’s very large and works very well. We used the spa robes and slippers provided in our room, and they had additional towels outside of the steam room. Your reservation is for a private visit, which is really nice. It’s also 100% included with your stay.

They also have a small exercise room adjacent to the steam room. There are a couple of machines, as well as free weights. We had enough room for both of us to do a Peleton strength workout, too. (This is another one of our goals for our summer trip – to take advantage of the Peleton app, even though I can’t use the bike this summer!)

Overall, I prefer the spa area at Hotel de Seze to the spa area at Hotel Dress Code. It very more comfortable all the way around. It’s not the spa at the Park Hyatt Paris, but obviously, this isn’t the PHV either. Manage your expectations and enjoy the perk in Paris!

Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze Paris gym
Journey of Doing - Hotel de Seze Paris gym

Where to Eat near Hotel de Seze Paris

While we LOVE to walk in Paris, I recognize that not everyone wants to walk 6.5 miles to and from dinner on their first night in Paris. I don’t think this is the best area for eating in Paris, but here are a few restaurants near Hotel de Seze.

  • Le Souffle – for souffles, obviously. I adore their dessert souffles and the Kir rouge. Kir rouge is red wine and violet liquor.
  • Le Comptoir a Ritz Paris – Pastries by the Ritz Paris head pastry chef, Francois Perret. You can eat there or take them to go.
  • Bar Vendome at the Ritz Paris – Perfect for a splurge meal, drinks and dessert or a nightcap. We’ve done all of the above. You’ll want reservations during busy times and you’ll want to dress appropriately. I love the terrace
  • Bistro Richelieu – classic French bistro with friendly service. Casual and comfortable
  • Bistrot des Victoires – classic French restaurant with traditional French menu. No website that I know of, and a bit further afield than some of the other choices listed here.
  • Gambino – a cozy Italian restaurant with a traditional menu and some creative specials. I love the Genovese, which has mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, sun-dried tomates, and pesto.

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