The Beautiful Hotel du Louvre in Paris

After approximately 100+ nights at the Park Hyatt Paris since 2019, we have added a couple stays at Hotel du Louvre.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous about changing.  There are two things that I really love about the Park Hyatt Paris: the spa and the quiet location.  The Hotel du Louvre is quite literally right in between the Palais Royale and the Louvre Museum.  I worried that it would be too loud and too busy.  My fears were unfounded.  It is an absolutely perfect location for exploring Paris

We’ve stayed at the Hotel du Louvre three times in the last two years and all 3 stays were perfect.  The proximity to the metro makes it very easy to get around Paris, and it’s also very easy to walk anywhere from the hotel. We were averaging about 30,000 steps per day because it was so easy to get around on foot.  I don’t believe there is anywhere more gorgeous than Paris in the fall, though I do love Paris at Christmastime as well.  (I still believe that February is Paris’s best kept secret though.) As the saying goes, Paris is always a good idea – and so is the Hotel du Louvre.         

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Booking the Hotel du Louvre

I am a Hyatt Globalist member and receive benefits through the Hyatt rewards program.  I do love that you can often find an offer to book 3 nights and receive a 4th night free, which makes your stay even better!  However, as a luxury travel advisor, I can ensure you receive similar perks at Hotel du Louvre, even without Hyatt status. As a Hyatt Prive travel advisor, I can book you with the following perks so please reach out if I can help you book:

  • Welcome amenity provided to guests upon arrival.
  • Complimentary breakfast for two guests
  • Property credit
  • Priority for room upgrade
  • Early check-in & late check-out
Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre hotel Paris

Getting to the Hotel du Louvre

In both of our stays at the Hotel du Louvre, we were coming directly from CDG after a transatlantic flight.  We often arrive at the start of rush hour and find that it is more efficient in terms of cost and time to take the RER B to Châtelet–Les Halles.  (I recommend taking the express service.)

From Les Halles, you can transfer to the Metro line 1 and get off at Palais Royale or you can walk 10 minutes via Rue Saint Honoré.  We’ve done both and it’s very easy.  We found walking to be slightly more enjoyable for two reasons.  1) You don’t have to navigate stairs with your luggage.  2)  The fresh air feels really great after a red-eye flight. (If you are looking for an even better Hyatt redemption, you can book an Eiffel Tower room at the Hyatt Etoile. It’s just a few stops further on the Metro!)

When returning to CDG, we have the hotel hail us a cab in the morning.  Traffic is generally lighter and there is a fixed fare to the airport.  Our return trips usually involve our wine suitcase being full.  Toting that through the streets of Paris and the metro is not as enjoyable as when it is empty.

If you’re not sure what your best options are for getting to the Hotel du Louvre (or any hotel in Paris, for that matter), I  use Google Maps and Rome2Rio to check my options.  Google Maps will have more up-to-the-minute information if there are strikes or stations are closed.  Rome2Rio can help compare costs between options.  Uber and other ride-sharing services operate in Paris as well.  

Journey of Doing - Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre globalist review

Arrival at the Hotel du Louvre

Since Hyatt has a loyalty program, we book directly with Hyatt.  Booking directly is especially nice because you can put the estimated arrival time into your reservation when you book.  I usually set it for 1.5-2 hours after we are scheduled to arrive in Paris.  Once we have landed and collected our luggage, I update the app with our actual estimated arrival time.  Another bonus to booking direct and using the Hyatt app?  There is no better surprise than checking the app when you arrive after a red-eye flight and find out you’ve been upgraded!

In the case of both of our stays at the Hotel du Louvre, our early arrival has been accommodated.  While this is not guaranteed for understandable reasons, I do appreciate the effort they make to do so.  (I usually receive an email from the Park Hyatt Paris a week before arrival letting me know that it is unlikely that they will be able to accommodate our early arrival request due to capacity issues, which I also appreciate.)

I think this is the warmest arrival team in all of Paris.  From the doormen who immediately jump to help with luggage so your hands are free to complete the check in process, to the front desk staff who are immediately ready to check in and ensure your room is prepared, I always feel welcome from the moment we enter the Hotel du Louvre.  This hospitality extends throughout the entire stay.  For me, it’s definitely part of the reason that we decided to return again.  

When we’ve arrived and our room wasn’t going to immediately be ready, they offered us the use of a Cabin Prive, which is a small shower suite on the first floor with everything you need to freshen up.  When they say they will call to let you know your room is ready, they actually call.  Further, when they deliver our bags, they also deliver anything that I’ve had sent to the hotel in advance of arrival.  (My favorite wineries in Alsace may not export to the US, but they will ship to Paris for me!)  I’ve never had to follow up or ask about the status, nor have I had to track down the delivery information for the concierge team.  They know their guests and take care of everything.             

For both stays, on our first night, they delivered a bottle of lemonade and fresh Madelines to our room while we were at dinner.  It is the perfect nightcap and a great way to try one of the many pastries that Paris is famous for, too!  

Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre arrival gift
A true Paris treat on arrival: lemonade and Madelines

Hotel du Louvre Room Reviews

Hotel du Louvre King Room – Room 148

While the standard king rooms at at Hotel du Louvre are small (215-270 square feet), the high ceilings and the room decor make the room feel larger than it is. The bathrooms are also very large, too. (Nothing will ever feel small after the 134 square-foot room we spent 10 days in at Hotel Dress Code!)

Our standard king room overlooked the Palais-Royale metro station, but the noise didn’t bother us at all. We enjoyed our Saturday nap with a jaunty brass band playing in the square. No, seriously. The music was fun. We didn’t experience any noise at night with the windows closed and the blackout curtains worked perfectly. We had a nice desk, coffee and tea makers, and an empty (!!) mini-fridge. The bed and pillows were very comfortable with a range of pillows to accommodate different preferences.

Our bathroom had a combination shower and tub. Water pressure and hot water was great. I’d probably stick to the walk-in shower going forward, as I didn’t need the bathtub for such a short stay. It’s nice to be able the adjust the shower head, as both Tom and I are very tall. Bath amenities are Codage Paris, which worked great for my hair. I loved having so much extra room on the vanity for skincare and make up. The heated towel rack is a much appreciated luxury when visiting Paris in the winter!

While I love loved our upgraded rooms at Hotel du Louvre, the king room was perfect for a 4 day trip to Paris. Both Tom and I had some work to do, but we were able to make the room work for both of us.

Our arrival gift was a bottle of Roussillon from the Languedoc region of France and some delicious, fresh Madeleines. (I learned to make Madeleines at the Ritz Paris in December, and they are very challenging to get right.) Turndown service included chocolates by Paul Bocuse (the chef behind Brasserie du Louvre). These were lovely surprises to return to each evening.

Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre Reviews including a king room, junior suite, and an executive suite with a view
King Room Hotel du Louvre review
Journey of Doing - King Room Hotel du Louvre review
Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre Paris reviews
Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre Paris
Journey of Doing - Hyatt Louvre king room bathroom
Journey of Doing - Hyatt du Louvre king bathroom room tour
Journey of Doing - Hyatt Hotel du Louvre
Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre Paris arrival gift
Journey of Doing - Hotel Louvre Paris

Hotel du Louvre Junior Suite – Room 583

On our first stay at the Hotel du Louvre, we were upgraded to a junior suite on the 5th floor.  While the rooms at the Hotel du Louvre are smaller than the rooms at the Park Hyatt, they are extremely well designed and laid out.  I LOVED our junior suite.  The rooms have beautifully clean lines and decor, and the finishes, including the carpet, feel very luxurious.  I think this is one of the more romantic hotel rooms in Paris that we’ve had in terms of how it felt.  (I would have definitely stayed here on our Paris honeymoon.)    

When making a reservation with Hyatt, I always request a quiet room.  In Paris, this means that we usually receive rooms that overlook the interior courtyards.  At the Hotel du Louvre, this was perfect because we could open our windows and listen to the music from Palais Royale and we didn’t hear any of the street noise.  The blackout curtains worked very well and the windows are quite soundproof.    

This junior suite is a long narrow room with plenty of natural light, even with the interior courtyard view.  While there is no divider between the two areas of the suite, there was a very defined sitting area and a very defined bedroom.  I loved the feel of this because when we finished our work for the day, we could retreat to the bedroom without feeling like we were working and sleeping in the same place.

The bedroom had a king bed (so nice!) that was pretty comfortable.  There were two built-in closets, which weren’t necessarily tall enough for my midi dresses, but they were a very efficient use of the space and Haussmann architecture.  The closet had drawers built-in as well, which was really nice.  There is no unnecessary furniture cluttering up this room – everything is designed for maximum space and efficiency. 

The sitting area had a large desk, a small table, and a comfy chair.  There was plenty of room for both Tom and I to work.  (We also enjoyed an in-room picnic or two.)  Under the desk was a small mini-bar, as well as a coffee maker and tea kettle.  I love the recessed lighting, and I especially appreciated the free-standing lamp that provided more light when I needed to work in the evening.

On the opposite side of the sitting room (and through the bedroom area) is the bathroom.  Compared to US hotels, some might find the bathroom on the smaller side.  (I, however, remember staying with a friend who was living in Paris and showering in what could only be defined as a former pantry in the kitchen, so this actually feels quite large and extremely luxurious.)  The narrow bathroom offered a walk-in shower with both an overhead shower and a hand shower.  Overhead water pressure is good; the hand shower water pressure is better.  In addition to heated towel racks, there are warm terrycloth bathrobes and slippers.  The bath amenities are Fragonard, branded for Hotel du Louvre.  No detail is overlooked. 

Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre junior suite
Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre junior suite
Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre junior suite
Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre junior suite
Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre junior suite
Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre junior suite
Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre junior suite
Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre junior suite

Hotel du Louvre Suite with View – Room 488

On our second stay at Hotel du Louvre, I booked a rate that included a 4th night free.  I contacted my Hyatt Ambassador to apply a Suite Upgrade Award to my reservation.  We were immediately confirmed into a junior suite.  When we arrived in Paris and I went to the app the update our arrival time, it let me choose from room categories that were currently ready for check-in.  I opted for the Executive Room with a view since I thought Tom would like the view of the Louvre.  Sure enough, our suite had an epic view of the Louvre and the Rue de Rivoli.  (Tom says that this is his favorite room in all of Paris.)  

The executive suite feels extremely spacious.  Our suite had two distinct rooms – a living room and a bedroom.  The bathroom was off the bedroom and it was much larger than the junior suite bathroom.  Similar to the junior suite, there was plenty of space to work in the living area.  The desk was HUGE.  Tom and I could work at that desk and had more enough room.  The other benefit that the Executive Suite has over the junior suite is that there is a couch and a large coffee table.  The closet was in the living room and there was plenty of hanging space and several drawers.  Both rooms had large windows and small juliette balconies.

The bedroom had a king bed with a small sitting area next to the windows.  Much like the junior suite, everything was designed for efficiency with beautiful lines and elegant decor.  The blackout curtains worked very well and we didn’t hear much street noise in the evenings when we closed everything up.  It can be loud if you want to have the windows open, so if noise bothers you, you should ask for one of the interior courtyard rooms.

This bathroom was larger than the junior suite bathroom with a large vanity, a walk-in shower, and plenty of light for getting ready.  The bath amenities were the same as our previous stay, Fragonard for HdL, as well as the heated towel rack, fluffy robes, and slippers available.  It was nice to have a little more space in the bathroom.  Sometimes I do miss the bathtub from the Park Hyatt, but it’s not a dealbreaker for the Hotel du Louvre.    

One of the things that I love most about Hotel du Louvre is how well it uses natural light to make the rooms feel spacious and airy.  The paint color and the curtains do a great job reflecting light, and it just feels GOOD.  While neither room was as big as the rooms that we’ve stayed in at the Park Hyatt, they didn’t feel small at all.  Both suite layouts were really nice and very comfortable for our stays.              

Journey of Doing - Hotel du Louvre Executive Suite with a View
Journey of Doing - Click here for a non-sponsored review of two stays at the Hotel du Louvre in Paris, including room tours of the junior suite and executive suite with a view!
Hotel du Louvre Executive Room View of Louvre
Journey of Doing - Click here for a non-sponsored review of two stays at the Hotel du Louvre in Paris, including room tours of the junior suite and executive suite with a view!
Hotel du Louvre Executive Room bathroom
Journey of Doing - Click here for a non-sponsored review of two stays at the Hotel du Louvre in Paris, including room tours of the junior suite and executive suite with a view!
Journey of Doing - Click here for a non-sponsored review of two stays at the Hotel du Louvre in Paris, including room tours of the junior suite and executive suite with a view!
Hotel du Louvre Executive Suite living room

Breakfast at the Brasserie du Louvre Restaurant

As a Hyatt Globalist member, we receive free breakfast at the hotel.  Breakfast is served in the hotel restaurant, Bocuse, which is another bright, airy space that overlooks the Palais Royale.  On our first trip, I didn’t make it down there for breakfast at all.  On our second trip, I made it down there on our second to last morning – about 20 minutes before breakfast closed.  The staff was absolutely lovely though, offering to make me anything I wanted.  

Given how late I was, I chose the buffet.  I found the eggs to be very good and enjoyed a few hazelnuts, green juice, and a pain et chocolat.  There was an extensive granola station, fresh fruits, charcuterie and cheeses, as well as a number of sweet treats to choose from.  They did say that I could order off the menu if I wanted anything else, but I’m really not a breakfast person.  There was more than enough for me on the buffet.  

I didn’t snap any photos because the restaurant was pretty busy, but I found everything to be pretty tasty.  As I said, I’m not usually a breakfast person, so I wouldn’t go out of my way to have breakfast every single morning, but if it’s included in your rate and you are a breakfast person, it’s a solid option with something for everyone.      

Journey of Doing - Click here for a non-sponsored review of two stays at the Hotel du Louvre in Paris, including room tours of the junior suite and executive suite with a view!

Final Thoughts on the Hotel du Louvre in Paris

If you are using Hyatt points in Paris, the Park Hyatt may be seen as the better valuation, but the Hotel du Louvre shouldn’t be overlooked.  I think the Hotel du Louvre is underrated for both its service and its beautiful rooms.  The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and well designed.  (I’d love to stay in one of the Premium suites for design inspiration – they look absolutely stunning.  Some even have clawfoot bathtubs!)  Housekeeping was flawless on our stays – our room was always serviced while we were out.  Turndown service happened every night while we were at dinner.  Our waters were always refilled during the day and in the evening. 

The Hotel du Louvre is perfect for an anniversary, a honeymoon, or even just a romantic weekend in Paris.  It’s in the heart of Paris.  The proximity to the Tuileries is perfect for anyone who wants to be outside or visit the Christmas market in December.  It’s also perfect for museum hopping.  The location couldn’t be better – right next to a metro station but also within walking distance of many of Paris’s major sites.  (There is also a taxi waiting area right across from the hotel.)  

With a lot of research through our many trips, I’ve found a handful of tasty restaurants in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.  I don’t hesitate to recommend staying in this area if you’re not someone who enjoys walking 15 miles per day or 3-5 miles for dinner.  (We love to walk, what can I say?)  While I’m partial to the Bar Vendome at the Ritz Paris because its become a tradition for us, the Hotel du Louvre bar is gorgeous and offers creative cocktails as well.

Overall, the Hotel du Louvre is a fabulous option for anyone looking for a well-located hotel, beautiful rooms, and a warm and personal touch from the hotel staff.  We will definitely be back!        

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