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  1. These are all so beautiful and this post will be so helpful next week! Looking forward to using these tips and seeing some beautiful fireworks!

  2. Bookmarking for July 4th. 🙂 I was successful at shooting fireworks one time three years ago and I’ve been trying to figure out what I did right ever since (and recreate it). Especially love your tips on editing. I’ll definitely check out those presets. 🙂

  3. Fireworks are definitely one of the hardest things to capture and I’m amazed by the clarity of your photos! I have a decent DSLR but totally fail at knowing how to set the settings for different lighting and occasions. LOVE your photos!

  4. These are such great tips! I kid you not, I was thinking just yesterday, “I wonder what the tricks to photographing fireworks are?” Voila! Ask and ye shall receive! I hope you have a fabulous 4th full of lots of gorgeous fireworks!

  5. Such a useful post for all the photography lovers! I’ve only taken pictures of fireworks with my phone so far, but yours look absolutely stunning! I´ll definitely try to do it with my camera this year – thanks for the editing tips!

  6. One of the best tips I have for photographing fireworks is to get a hotel room with a great view. Or find an awesome friend. (Rooftop view ftw?)

    I so wish I had checked your blog on July 4th. I had my tripod setup, and a hotel room with a decent view … but my camera wasn’t working the way I expected it to. I’m not sure if it’s been too long since I last took a picture (April?) or if I was just tired? I spent precious minutes working with the camera trying to get it to work the way I remembered it working. (I’m still not sure it works properly.) I ended up finding an alternate way to get the settings I wanted.

    That’s when I googled “how to take firework images”. I do it so rarely that I had forgotten. :-/ I did remember your blog post about it, but I didn’t think I had time to look it up. And now I see you reshared it. I guess I’ll know where to look next year! 🙂

    The settings I used (and I haven’t seen my images aside from my camera screen, but they look in focus, even when zoomed in!) were ISO 160, 1/8 second shutter speed, and f/8 aperture. I’ll have to look at the filter you recommended for editing in photoshop. I also used my 2 second timer to prevent shake. *crosses fingers* Hopefully I got something decent.

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