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  1. I never drink on flights when jet lag is going to be a thing. Lots of water. I will take a dramamine in an effort to sleep on the plane (doesn’t leave me feeling hungover but does make me sleepy). I start going as soon as I get there and try to make it to at least 8 pm on the first day. 

  2. Keeping these mental notes. Everyone has told me to power through on the first day and I’m glad that is what you do as well. We arrive in Gatwick around 7:30 am. I have no issues sleeping on planes but I know the time difference will still mess me up because I’m such a routine kind of person. Any-who, I booked a London Bus tour so we will power through the day and crash early, I presume.

  3. I’m pretty much the same with jetlag. I’m totally ok sleeping during my flight to Europe, but I absolutely refuse to go to sleep until the regular time (for them) when I arrive at my destination. And I eat all of my meals at my normal times too. Losing a day of travel to sleep is just not in the cards for me.

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