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  1. How cool and wonderful you did this trip so quickly. Honestly, this is what I miss about my job right now. The ease of a quick weekend getaway. I would love to go to London, just to eat and drink in all the tea rooms. I also want to see the palace.

  2. I love the fact that y’all booked a last minute trip to London! That’s so awesome, especially since you got to use points! The Yeoman Tour was one of our favorite things when we were in London earlier this year, and we just barely missed out on getting to go to the Churchill War Rooms, which I was super bummed about. I guess that means that we have to go back!

  3. You got to do a lot! I like that you used your time before the flight to book some tours. That was a great idea. I went to London long time ago and I do not remember a lot about it. It was cold and rainy (it was summer), so, we were not able to walk freely.

  4. Such a great tip about the back entrance of the British Museum – noted! I’ve yet to make it to London but when I go, I want to at least spend 2 weeks there cause there’s just sooo much I’d like to see!!

  5. I’ve never been to London, so I am totally jealous. You threw this trip together in 4 hours?!? I take days/weeks to put together trips. Even last minute ones! But I bet it was a blast doing everything on a whim! That is one birthday trip I’m sure your husband will never forget. 🙂

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