Restoration Hardware Paint Color Match

Oh renovating.  I’ve discovered that it’s not for the faint of heart.  Or control freaks like me.  I may even steal Steph’s title of before this is all said and done because I’m so frustrated with what a debacle certain aspects of this process has been.  There have been more days in September where people haven’t been working on the house than there have been.  That makes me *really* grumpy.  Finding out that we’re going to have at least three more dead weeks because of Cabinetgate (another story for another day) makes me grumpy.  

Update:  To see how the paint turned out, check our kitchen renovation reveal!

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My husband has found other things to be grumpy about… His thing is the “emergencies.” That is, the times when our GC calls us and says, “OMG, we NEED THIS TOMORROW!” and we jump through hoops to get it done and throw off our work days… and then it wasn’t all that much of an emergency because we are SO behind schedule.  That happened (again) last week… and it almost did me in.

Last Friday, we were told that we needed to pick a paint color for the base mold, crown molding, and doors.  Now, we’re not too adventurous around here, but I do know that white is not white is not white in the world of paint.  Between the Restoration Hardware paint fan deck and pictures online, I thought RH Seafoam would be gorgeous with the Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper we chose for the living room and kitchen.

Journey of Doing - Restoration Hardware paint color matching

I sent my husband down to a local paint store that opened early to have them match RH Seafoam.  They refused. Off to Texas Paint and Wallpaper we went. Not only did they agree to do it, they also recommended that we use the Advance line in the Satin finish for the best look for what we were planning on painting. They cautioned us that the color could be off if the contractors change the formula, so we needed to INSIST that they either 1) use EXACTLY what we picked out or 2) color match it again with whatever formula they were using.  I dropped the can off to my empty house and texted my GC to tell him where it was.

He asked if it was Sherwin Williams.

Nope, Benjamin Moore.  We’ve been planning on using Benjamin Moore the whole time.  I had told him via email repeatedly that we planned to use Benjamin Moore Aura paint, and we asked for our bid to include the higher end paint. We even included the colors in the original emails regarding the bid. A friend recommended it and we’ve had REALLY good experiences with the Aura line.  My husband refuses to use anything else because it was so easy to work with and covered so well.  My house was covered in BM swatches before demo started. (It was hilariously awkward.)

Then the GC calls and tries to tell me how Benjamin Moore paint isn’t good and his painter doesn’t like it.  He only uses Sherwin Williams…. otherwise, it’s going to cost us $30.00 more per gallon.

I’ll spare you my reaction… but no one has ever mentioned SW paint to me, but I’ve definitely mentioned BM to my GC.  I gave him the exact line, the exact paint colors, and everything when we were still in the bidding process.  He should have always known exactly what paint we were using.

I digress. So here I was in love with these paint cards, but I didn’t know what the paint would be like, and given the “urgency” of the situation, I didn’t have time to buy paint, wait for it to come in, and test it on the walls.  That ship has sailed.  

Fortunately, Benjamin Moore has the exact Restoration Hardware paint color match available…

Restoration Hardware Glacier paint = Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper (1632)

Restoration Hardware Seafoam paint = custom color match (photo with details below)

Click here for our adventure in securing a Restoration Hardware paint color match for RH Glacier and RH Seafoam - in Benjamin Moore colors.

I tried both samples on a piece of drywall and even used the seafoam on a piece of base mold.  It went on just fine and the colors were exact in person.  I’m calling BS on it not going on well and being difficult to work with.  Here’s hoping it looks just as pretty in my house!

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  1. I can’t imagine having to pick paint colors – I feel like I’m the most indecisive person when it comes to that and I’ll want to change my mind 100 times! I love the seafoam color – it’s really pretty and very cool(as in feeling you get) for a room! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

    1. This happens all the time to me. I practically throw myself to ground bagging my clients to listen to me, because I know I’m going to pick out the paint and the trades are going to go get it tinted wherever they are going to make the most profit. It’s maddening! Or they are going to tell my client why BM is not a good line of paint and then I have to do the work to get them back on board with what I know is best for them.

  2. We bought our first home last year, and I have had THE hardest time picking the perfect paint colors. It’s like I don’t want to pick the wrong one. LOL

    1. It’s actually not that crazy considering a painting company typically uses a specific vendor in which they receive steep discounts. In addition, restoration hardware paint is pretty high quality from my understanding and to achieve that same color you would have to use the high quality paint from Sherwin to match. (yes it does make a difference)
      So if you choose to use another vendor then it does actually increase the cost to the painter.
      NOW, I think there is a better/different way of telling you or selling that. My company typically doesn’t increase cost by $30/gallon. But at the same time I’m not sure what that company’s rates are. In addition we quote for the work with the discounted cost of paint in mind. So just so you know we aren’t trying to be jerks. We are just trying to be cost efficient like any business would.
      My advice is to communicate to your painters. You can tell a good company from a crap one.

  3. What color number is the seafoam in benjamin moore? please I had one of these two in my old house and i missed it and i am trying to get it made for our new house. Thank you.

    1. 792 (S1 – 1.0625, W1 – 6.75, M1 – 0.0, B1 – 0.125). Take a photo of the label on the blogpost with you, and I bet they can recreate it! They matched it for me!

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