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  1. There are really gorgeous details here! I always judge a hotel room’s worth by it’s bathroom and that one is stunning – I love the clean marble look.

  2. I’ve actually always wanted to stay here! My favorite beach is only a few blocks away, and I’ve really been thinking about doing an overnight stay here once. It looks as beautiful as I imagined!

  3. What a way to take a business trip to another level! I went once to this hotel for a travel event. We had a great time since everything was top notch. I didn’t know the place was renovated. I imagine it is even more stunning than before. I think this is a great area to stay (away from the craziness of LA).

  4. This sounds like the perfect way to rest and recharge before a big event. I try and tack on personal travel to business travel when I can, and as you say it’s a great way to use points! The property looks beautifully done, by someone with a great design eye. I have zero design talents so I’m in awe of people who can make things look this pretty – and evoke that relaxed feeling. I think that’s the key bit. Anyway, glad you enjoyed your stay and sign me up for the spa trip!

  5. Wow! I Live in LA, so don’t really stay in hotels locally, but If I do a staycation I know just where I’m going! Awesome photos by the way! #Citytripping

  6. I’m so jealous of your status with Ritz Carlton. They have so many beautiful hotels that I’d love to explore, but I don’t have status with them, so I stay away. I tend to go with cheaper hotels that I have status with or can get through the Chase Luxury Collection.

    Was your trip to southern California purely for business/relaxation or did you get the chance to explore?

    Also, totally agree with you re: the interior design. Absolutely gorgeous. They can come redo my home too if they want. ?

  7. Oh wow, what a complete treat – that looks so luxurious and restful, and the idea of wandering from spa to pool to cabana to restaurant to bed would be blissful. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  8. What is the light blue paint color on the walls in the bedroom? I have also stayed here and would love this color in my own home!!

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