Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey – Post Renovation Review

Last November, I tacked on a little self-care to a business trip by checking into the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey before my advisory board duties started.  I’ve stayed at this hotel a few times, but I have not stayed since the renovation.  Let me just say this:  I’m obsessed with the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey rooms.  If (when?) I redecorate my master bedroom, I want it to look and feel exactly like this.  It legitimately feels like an ocean retreat.  I remember laying there on Sunday morning and thinking that I didn’t want to get out of bed.  I felt so relaxed and peaceful.

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway (Spa del Rey weekend, anyone?!), the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey is perfect.

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Arrival at the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey

I think it’s easiest to valet at this property (pro tip: reserve a room with a stay credit and use it for valet), and since I was arriving late in the evening, I just handed the keys to valet.  Traveling solo, I only had a few small bags with me so I skipped the bellhop and headed straight for the front desk.

I booked my room about an hour before arrival and the property was basically sold out, so there were no room upgrades available.  (Even as a platinum, I’ve never gotten a room upgrade at this property, so that wasn’t a surprise.)  They did give me a room on the marina side of the hotel though, which is the side I always get when I stay here.  The arrival service at this property is always exceptional, and this stay was no exception.

As a side note, I did not have a problem asking for and being granted a late check out.

Journey of Doing - NON-SPONSORED: Full review of Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey of the renovated guest rooms & more details about the property amenities and spa.

Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey – Renovated Rooms

My room was on the fourth floor, far from the elevator, which I request and appreciate.  Despite being sold out, everything was quiet once I got out of the lobby.  My late booking didn’t stop turn down service, and I was excited to find water and chocolate in my room.  Music was playing.  The lights were turned down.  The drapes were already pulled, and the room had a relaxing vibe from the moment I walked in.  (I love the small service touches at great hotels.)

Journey of Doing - Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey review
Journey of Doing - NON-SPONSORED: Full review of Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey of the renovated guest rooms and more details about the property amenities and the Spa del Rey.

There is not a lot to say about a standard hotel room, but I want to make a few notes about the things that I love about these renovated rooms.  First, the color of the walls.  I didn’t fully appreciate this until Sunday morning, but it’s the softest, most calming shade of blue.  Immediately, I considered repainting my bedroom at home.  Second, the textures of this room – from the carpet to the drapes to the wallpaper – created an upscale and custom feel.  The carpet reminds me of this rug (that I want to go on sale).  Third, the mixed metals in the room work well together.  I can’t pull off mixed metals; I wish I could.  Fourth, again, the textured wallpaper.  Between Amy, Christina, and Kristina and their home renovation posts, I’m obsessed with wallpaper (but not brave enough to do it myself – yet) and how it changes the look of a room.

As I looked at the details on this room, I kept thinking how unfair it is that I really don’t have a design eye.  I love how all the details come together to create a relaxing room that is functional and relaxing with a little sparkle.

Journey of Doing - Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey guest room details
Journey of Doing - Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey review
Journey of Doing - Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey guest room review
Journey of Doing - NON-SPONSORED: Full review of Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey of the renovated guest rooms & more details about the property amenities and spa.
Journey of Doing - Journey of Doing - NON-SPONSORED: Full review of Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey of the renovated guest rooms & more details about the property amenities and spa.
Journey of Doing - Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey
Journey of Doing - Ritz Carlton room amenties

The Bathroom

The one frustration I have with the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey is the bathroom.  It’s small.  The doors are large, which I like in the design aesthetic, but it’s not completely functional.  Most Ritz Carlton properties I stay at have separate shower and bathtub, and I wish that this property would have made that change.  The bathroom amenities include the standard Asprey Purple Water amenities.  (I love the mouthwash.)

I do appreciate that there is a separate closet, but again, so many big doors in a small area.  There are plenty of hangers and a full-length mirror.

Journey of Doing - Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey bathroom review

Property Amenities

Sunday morning, I woke up with a hankering for a spa appointment.  I called down to Spa del Rey and booked a massage for later that morning.  (Spoiler alert:  It is glorious and I’ve seen deals for it on Travelzoo.)

The pool and hot tub are heated, so you can enjoy a swim, even on November mornings.  They have private cabanas, fire pits that overlook the marina, and plenty of comfortable seating for whatever you fancy doing.  I saw several people reading kindles by the pool.

Journey of doing - Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey pool
Journey of Doing - Marina del Rey harbor

The hotel runs along the waterfront, and there is a paved promenade that runs along the marina.  I took a long walk around promenade and around the hotel before my spa appointment.  The grounds are well maintained with beautiful flowers alongside the palm trees.  There were plenty of people biking and running along the promenade, and there are plenty of lampposts, so I’m sure it’s well lit during the evening.  The workout facility overlooks the pool and the marina as well, so there’s plenty of opportunities to exercise with a view.

There’s a grocery store within a couple minutes of the hotel, and you can get to some of the more popular beach cities easily.  I’ve stayed in club level rooms previously, and the lounge is worth getting – if the price is right.  There’s a very popular farm-to-table restaurant on-site, as well as a poolside grill, but I skipped both in favor of my pajamas.

Journey of Doing - Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey property details

Final Thoughts on Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey

I was sorry to check out of the Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey.  It’s not the most glamorous Ritz Carlton property, but it’s a very solid option.  Despite my short stay, it was the most relaxed I have felt in a very long time.

The renovated rooms are nothing short of perfection.  Service has always been exceptional at this property, and nothing has changed in that respect.  The Spa del Rey is incredible, and I would book a room here for no other reason than the convenience of going from the pool, to the spa, and back to the room (or any other combination).  There aren’t a whole lot of hotel stays that I’ve had that I think are flawless, but this is a good example of one.  I will definitely be back… and if anyone wants to come redecorate my master bedroom, you can use this hotel room for inspiration.

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  1. There are really gorgeous details here! I always judge a hotel room’s worth by it’s bathroom and that one is stunning – I love the clean marble look.

  2. I’ve actually always wanted to stay here! My favorite beach is only a few blocks away, and I’ve really been thinking about doing an overnight stay here once. It looks as beautiful as I imagined!

  3. What a way to take a business trip to another level! I went once to this hotel for a travel event. We had a great time since everything was top notch. I didn’t know the place was renovated. I imagine it is even more stunning than before. I think this is a great area to stay (away from the craziness of LA).

  4. This sounds like the perfect way to rest and recharge before a big event. I try and tack on personal travel to business travel when I can, and as you say it’s a great way to use points! The property looks beautifully done, by someone with a great design eye. I have zero design talents so I’m in awe of people who can make things look this pretty – and evoke that relaxed feeling. I think that’s the key bit. Anyway, glad you enjoyed your stay and sign me up for the spa trip!

  5. Wow! I Live in LA, so don’t really stay in hotels locally, but If I do a staycation I know just where I’m going! Awesome photos by the way! #Citytripping

  6. I’m so jealous of your status with Ritz Carlton. They have so many beautiful hotels that I’d love to explore, but I don’t have status with them, so I stay away. I tend to go with cheaper hotels that I have status with or can get through the Chase Luxury Collection.

    Was your trip to southern California purely for business/relaxation or did you get the chance to explore?

    Also, totally agree with you re: the interior design. Absolutely gorgeous. They can come redo my home too if they want. ?

  7. Oh wow, what a complete treat – that looks so luxurious and restful, and the idea of wandering from spa to pool to cabana to restaurant to bed would be blissful. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  8. What is the light blue paint color on the walls in the bedroom? I have also stayed here and would love this color in my own home!!

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