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  1. It does look beautiful and magical but cold. Love the photo of you two by the Christmas tress and you holding the pretzel. The hotel room looks super cute as well!

  2. Omgosh, a Christmas cookie and strudel class!!? my parents are coming for christmas 2019 and my mom will wan to do something like that!! May have to consider going down next December! #WanderfulWednesday
    PS. thanks for the NYE in Salzburg shout out!

  3. That apple strudel looks so delicious! I want one for breakfast now… and yet in america they only have less appetising breakfast pastries. anyway, great tips on where to stay in salzburg as well! #WanderfulWednesday

  4. How delightful! I would love to visit the snow-covered cemetery — and then enjoy a warm latte, of course. This looks like a prime Christmas market, too.

  5. Ahh that strudel class is goals! And all these photos make it look like a winter wonderland <3 I really want to visit Saltzburg, and would even make it happen in winter, which isn’t always my favorite season to travel!

  6. This all looks fabulous – the Christmas markets, the schnapps tasting and the cooking class would all be top of my list of things to do and it all looks so lovely and Christmassy. As tempting as the pizza sounds, I don’t think I’d ever get bored of Austrian food! Nom nom! 

  7. We’ve been really close to Salzburg a few times, and planned on visiting more than once, but it never actually happened! I regret it so much after reading your lovely post. Now I will really try to visit during the Winter: it seems magical covered in snow and I really want to hit all the Christmas markets!

    1. There’s nowhere more magical than Salzburg at Christmas. It’s one of my favorite places at Christmastime!! We’ve been twice… and I’ve had a really hard time getting excited about going in the spring because it really is just so lovely during the holidays!

  8. I love Salzburg. We visited in September of last year, no snow but it was still very pretty ♥️ Will use your guide when we visit next! 

    Happy Travels! 

  9. Wow Salzburg looks like a winter wonderland! We visited it in summers and after going through your post, I would love to revisit this lovely city during winters. Thanks for all the great information.

  10. Salzburg is one of my favorite places in the whole world! Love this guide to winter it Salzburg. It does get so cold! I want to make it to the winter market there one day. 

  11. I’ve not yet made it to Salzburg, but it’s on my list. It looks amazing. I’ll actually be traveling to Europe for Christmas Markets for the first time this year and I’m so excited! We will be hopping around Germany and then spending a few days in Prague. Maybe next time we can add Salzburg to the itinerary! 🙂  

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    I’ve never thought of visiting Salzburg in winter, but oh, I was so wrong! It seems to be so unique and magical during Christmas time. And I know already that Austrian food never disappoints 🙂  

  13. Salzburg looks absolutely magical in winter! What was the temperature when you were there? I’m from a colder state in the US, so I think I could handle a chilly visit to Austria!

  14. I’ve been to Salzburg so many times. But only for work. So other than the airport and train station I’ve sadly not yet seen anything of Salzburg. But am so longing to go and properly explore the town. It looks like such a fairytale city. 

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