Small Business Saturday Series v.1

I’ve decided to launch a Small Business Saturday series, in which I will share a few small businesses every week that may give you some ideas for gifts or to make your own experiences at home more enjoyable. Supporting small businesses is going to be more than a day this year (and for the  foreseeable future).  

With much of the world in the second wave and many places considering stricter lockdown measures, I know that small business (around the world) are going to continue to hurt as we go into the holiday season.  Seeing how so many businesses are trying to adapt their business model quickly is encouraging, but they are going to need our support to publicize their work.  I don’t have a huge platform, but I do have a platform and I always want to use it for good.  

True to form, my list will include ideas from the US and abroad because the world is bigger than our little corner of it.  As I said in April, there are a lot of people who have enriched our lives and our travels, and I’m happy to share those things with you.  

Even if you can’t make a purchase, these are all content creators who share more than their products.  Consider following them and sharing their content for others.  

Note: None of this is sponsored.  These are all businesses (and more importantly, people) that I follow with products that I feel confident in recommending either because I purchase their products and I enjoy their content..  

Food & Wine Ideas

Marronaia Italian Wines & Olive Oils

Marronaia Italian Wines and Olive Oils – I’ve written about our wine tasting experiences with this San Gimignano winery and we’ve been regular customers long before the pandemic.  (We’ve been even better customers during the pandemic, lol.)  I highly recommend the Nottolo for a red and Visila for a white.  The peppercino olive oil is a staple in my Italian recipes.   They ship to the US for free and offer quantity discounts.  

Follow them on Facebook and instagram for cooking lessons and delicious recipes, behind the scenes look at wine making, and for some cute dog content.  

journey of doing - Small Business Saturday Series - Marronaia wines
My mom’s cat guarding the latest Italian wine order.
journey of doing - small business Saturday series - Marronaia wines
Popping a bottle of Marronaia’s Rose Quarz at home to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2020

Curious Appetite Food Boxes & Virtual Cooking Classes

Curious Appetite Food Boxes – With a curated selection of products straight from Italy, Coral creates delicious boxes that will add delicious, local flavors to your table.  I really love this idea for family or friends who are sad about being unable to travel this year.  (She even has a Negroni box if you’re missing apertivo hour.)  She is also hosting virtual cooking classes, if you’re looking for some hands-on ways to have fun while staying home!  (It could even be a great way to bring people together virtually!)  

I save a lot of restaurant ideas while watching Coral’s instagram story, even if it makes me homesick for Italy.  

Home Ideas

Pretty Queen Candles

Pretty Queen Candles – Andreak’ka is constantly coming up with new scents for every season and sharing her candle knowledge via instagram.  This Black woman-owned business is truly a labor of love for her – and you can see it in everything from her careful packaging to her instagram live sessions where she talks about her products.  (I’m guilty of trying to sniff the screen while watching her.)  I’m particularly excited about her 12 Candles of Christmas that come with a playlist for the ultimate sensory holiday cheer.  (I’m telling you – we’re recreating Christmas markets over here.)  

journey of doing - Small Business Saturday series - Pretty Queen Candles

Penny Post Paper Goods

Penny Post Paper Goods –  My friend (and quarantine penpal) Christina introduced me to this Alexandria stationary shop.  They have a lot of amazing gift ideas, amusing political cards, and gift ideas for everyone.  One of my goals on my second 101 in 1001 list is to write more letters, so I’m actually waiting on my latest order to come in today!  Follow their instagram account to get a better idea of their products and inventory!  (Every time she posts, I want to purchase.)    

journey of doing - Small Business Saturday Series Shop Penny Post
Cute cards and stationary kits (great gift idea!) from Penny Post

Christmas & Easter Store in Salzburg

Christmas & Easter Store Salzburg – I am definitely missing out on a trip to the Salzburg Christmas markets this year.  After much research while waiting on the election returns, I found the Christmas & Easter store, which looked like it carried some of the ornaments I purchased on our 2018 trip to Salzburg.  I purchased a few from their online shop.  They are absolutely breathtaking.  If you’re missing the European Christmas markets as much as I am, this is a great way to bring a little bit of that holiday cheer at home!  

(My living room is starting to feel a little like a Christmas market.  Check out our travel themed Christmas trees here!)   

journey of doing - Small Business Saturday Series - Christmas & Easter Store Salzburg

Hill House Home

Hill House Home (Use my link for $20 off your order) – Home of the nap dress (of which I own three with another one on the way).  These nap dresses got me through a hot summer at home and have transitioned well into fall as something I can wear around the house and still feel feminine and comfortable.  They have come out with some seasonal prints and materials that will be fun for the holidays.  I’ve also purchased a linen duvet cover and sheets from this women-owned small business.

Footnote for the Small Business Saturday Series

I didn’t even noticed when I was putting this list together, but almost this entire list for my first small business Saturday series is woman-owned. The exception is Marronaia, which is family owned, so technically, it is also woman-owned. I know Vittoria has taken their online presence to the next level.

I’m not going to lie – I love it!

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  1. You know I’m, uh, let’s just say not really a dress wearer. 🙂 That nap dress looks so comfy though.

    Does it have pockets? From their descriptions and a couple of reviews, I sadly suspect not, but I didn’t look at all of the styles.

  2. LOVE the idea of supporting small businesses more than ever right now. It breaks my heart that we can’t just get it together, and they’re suffering because of it. Italian wine and candles? YES please! <3

    Green Fashionista

  3. This is wonderful, Sara. Thanks for rounding these up! What a great idea. I will definitely look into shopping small and local this holiday season!

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