1. Having to deal with crowds and having to learn Chinese would kinda put me off but I know that a visit to Shanghai is probably also incredibly fascinating and so different from anywhere I’ve ever been so I’d probably try anyway 😉

  2. Love all of these photos Sara!

    When we move after this academic year, the new university that William will be teaching at offers a summer program in China that takes the college faculty along to teach courses and William is already planning to teach with that program so we can go!

  3. For someone who is unprepared, your tips are great! I’m lucky to have Paradise Dynasty and Din Tai Fung right here in Singapore.. I just had xiao long bao at Paradise Dynasty for dinner yesterday!

  4. Your photos from China are stunning! I’ve heard that visiting the country can be really overwhelming, but I think I’d like to experience it one day all the same. These are great tips for any first time travelers to China! Thanks for sharing 😀

  5. I was drawn to this post because I have been to Shanghai and I love to see other people’s perspective 🙂 We also visited the Yuyuan Garden and your photos are a wonderful reminder of our time there. Loved the food photos, love chinese food!! Thank you for bring back lovely memories; my blog entitled “2 days in Shanghai” will be released here on 22 November and I would very much be interested in hearing your thoughts 🙂 #WanderfulWednesday

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