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  1. Ahhh I wish our Y had dance class! We have hip hop but it’s not my thing – too old LOL! Sparkly shoes – always a yes! Wow what a beautiful shot – what country is that? I hope your weekend has been restful. Stopping by from 5!

  2. Checking out the apps you recommended. I recently downloaded Swarm for marking places I’ve been (sister company to FourSquare I believe) and TPE for planning out sunset shots. TPE hasn’t really been super useful yet, though. It only really helps if you are able to plan in advance and the weather works out for you that day. I’ve used it twice. I almost think checking out Tripadvisor photos for the place you plan to be is a much better indicator of where to shoot sunrise/sunset than this app.

    What size was your panorama? I’m intrigued if they can print one…

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