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  1. Ha ha this is EXACTLY like my situation! I’m the ultimate planner in terms of where to go, what to do, organising all the details of our trip while my husband is totally the restaurant connoisseur based on goggling “Best restaurants in…” and TripAdvisor. Somehow it works, although I wish I had a bit more assistance in the overall trip planning!

  2. I am definitely the logistics person when we travel too. Jared tells me some things he would like to do and then I go do all the research, come up with options and then run them by him before I finalize our plans. We make a good travel team so I totally understand what you mean. When you already have a system it makes your trips so much more smooth and fun!

  3. Well… as it turns out I do most of the planning, including flights, accommodation and food! I am a control freak though and I need to hand over the reins to my husband. I just find planning so much fun! I like how you’ve divided responsibility though and might suggest we try and do that in future…

  4. Love this post! I always love going to the grocery stores just to see all the different foods (and candy) they sell. lol it’s a lot of fun!

  5. I am not a planner at all!! I hate planning and am so much more just “go with the flow”. And it drove my old bf nuts because he’s the kind that needed to know the logistics of getting from Point A to B, what to do, what to eat, etc. And I totally agree with keeping costs down at local grocery stores! Unless you’re in a country where the local food is literally only like $2-3 a meal!

  6. Honestly, I always do the logistics part too but I hate it!!! I find it so stressful and I would love if my boyfriend would do it but then I couldn’t fully trust him that everything would go alright so in the end I would take over anyway – I’m such a control freak 😀

  7. Oh, I love this. Ryan and I travel together pretty well. Basically I do everything (all the research, all the planning, all the booking, all the excursions, all the work) and he pays for it. 😉 Works for me!

  8. I love planning everything about travel! When going with family, I end up making most of the plans. But when I go with friends we divide things up and I usually figure out where to go and they figure out where to sleep and give some input on the food!

  9. I love having my hubby as my travel buddy even though the meshing well doesn’t always work out entirely perfect but we’ll get it right some day. I hope your mom is feeling much better by now…such a bummer to be sick on vacation!

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