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  1. It’s great when you find an amazing tour which really reveals a lot of the city’s secrets- I had similar in Siena. We could have wandered happily enjoying the sights but it’s so much better when you have the information to bring it to life. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  2. Assisi looks amazing! I’ve never heard of it even though I’ve been to Toscana and Rome so could have included Assisi to my Italian travel bucket list! By the way, I often don´t find churches spiritual either – only love visiting those with unique decorations and art pieces!

  3. Now I have another place in Italy to put on my bucket list. I have yet to go on a guided walking tour but my family and I enjoy just walking around the places we travel. I usually look up information before we leave so we know a little bit of the history of a place. I’d like to do a guided tour someday. #WanderfulWednesday

  4. I enjoyed your photos of the decorative details of the basilicas. I always take the suggestions of guides on where to eat. I am rarely let down. Andrea sounds like the sort of pizzeria my hubby grew up with in NYC.

  5. I have been to Assisi twice and, to me, it is a great place to visit. I know you can say that about more than a hundred places in Italy but I was happy to stop by and experience the place. I remember eating there one of the best pizzas I have eaten in my life. Can’t remember the name of the place but hope it is still there. #WanderfulWednesday

  6. I have similar thoughts about churches and cathedrals in Europe. I prefer to visit the smaller ones in lesser known towns. Hoards of people, even if they aren’t taking photos, can detract from the spiritual aspect for me too.

  7. I love that you shared how you would have preferred to go down the hill for a meal. Tripping is sometimes like that, in retrospect we wish we had taken the other choice. You had an amazing time nonetheless by the sound of it. Great post! #TheWeeklyPostcard

  8. When I saw Assisi, I just had to read! I visited many years ago on a school trip, where we visited various cities in Italy, and Assisi was by far my favorite! So charming, with incredible views. And we only could stay for a few hours! I’d love to go back for a couple days. It looks like you had an awesome experience, I’ll have to keep your recommendations in mind! Thanks for sharing #theweeklypostcard

  9. I’ve heard that Assisi is really worth visiting. My son spent a few months in Italy when he was in college and he told me about it. We never had a chance to see it, although we’ve been in Italy so many times. I’m glad go recommend some restaurants in your post. It’s always good to know what the good places to eat are, when you are a tourist. #TheWeeklyPostcard

  10. I spent a day in Assisi years ago and really loved it. The town is so cute and I enjoyed learning more about St. Francis. Glad you decided to go there too. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  11. Wonderful writeup on visiting Assisi and especially your hotel. I can imagine how delightful the spa time would be after all your walking. The room looks so light and comfy too. I’d definitely do the church tours to learn about the history. What a lovely town to experience before the sensory overload of Rome.

  12. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Isn’t it a magical place? I only wish we’d have stayed longer – the early morning walking tour sounds perfect. A great way to beat the crowds. Also the spa hotel sounds dreamy! It challenged me spiritually too, as a place, and I’m glad I went.

  13. What a great blog post, Sara. I’m always a bit reticent about visiting places that are described as overcrowded too but it sounds as if you did the right thing here, especially booking that tour guide which always helps to make a place come alive. I completely agree about people taking photos in churches in front of signs telling you not to – it drives me mad because it’s so disrespectful. Love the view from your bathroom too. #citytripping

  14. What a beautiful collection of photos. I love European churches and also go to a church run by Franciscans. St. Francis of Assisi is a looming presence in our church. We’ve been to Italy several times but have never made it to Assisi. Your photos and experience are so inspiring. We need to make an effort to visit next time. I am salivating at all the food you ate.

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