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  1. Your pictures are stunning!! I wish I found this post just a month ago! My family and I have been to Rome twice, but the first time Vatican City was closed for a holiday. We just made it back to Rome and finally got into the Vatican. Don’t get me wrong it was an amazing experience, but in the dead of July, I also discovered that I’m a bit claustrophobic. SO hot SO many tourists! We thankfully bought a skip the line tour, but I didn’t even think to go later when it cools down a bit and the crowds disperse! Well, there’s always next time! Thanks for sharing 😀

  2. Thanks for sharing! As always your pictures are incredible! Do you share any photography-centric posts? I would definitely read them!

    I just visited the Vatican in June, and I absolutely agree about booking a tour with early admission. You really gain a new appreciation of the Chapel – it isn’t marred by dealing with pushy, loud packs of tourists. Great tips – the place can really be overwhelming with how many priceless works there are to take in.

  3. Beautiful photos. It’s been many years since I visited the Vatican and I’m keen to visit again with my husband. Thanks for the reminder of how huge the museums are there.

  4. We visited Rome a few years ago and spent hours just wandering the gorgeous streets and exclaiming at the architecture – new and ancient. I loved the Trastevere area where we stayed. Didn’t go into the Vatican though as the queues were ridiculous, but now your photos are making me wish we had. Oh well, guess we will just have to return!

    Stephanie Jane

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