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  1. I thought we were extreme by getting up early and sightseeing before the crowds, but it seems like you get up before dawn! But we also do double duty quite often to skip the crowds! It’s the best way of enjoying a visit! #WanderfulWednesday

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous! I haven’t been to Venice in a really long time and only remember the feeding the pigeons which isn’t all that romantic. A sunset gondola ride just looks magical. #wanderfulwednesday

  3. Ohhh you are seriously making me want to go back to Venice! I’ve been twice – LOVED it the first time, and not so much the second time. Maybe I need a third time to make a final decision 😉 Now I’m dreaming of staying at the Palazzo Veneziano and having a photography session….

  4. These picture of Venice are just amazing and make me want to get on to a flight there right away! I also liked the way you have explained which hotel is better for what kind of interests, that’s really helpful to people like me who have never been 🙂

  5. Awe Venice! You have my heart. We totally did the gondola ride and loved it! It’s a great way to get that different perspective. How was the late night ride? Could you see anything? lol That was my only concern.

  6. Oh, this looks lovely. I really have to get my arse back to Venice one of these days. Maybe I should go in low season (is there a low season in Venice?? Probably not…). Great photos!

  7. What a charming and very romantic city! Your photos speak a thousand words and makes me want to visit asap! Just gorgeous!

  8. I went to Venice when I studied abroad in Rome and my husband when he backpacked through europe, but we want to go back together and I will 100% be using this! xo,Biana

  9. I’ve always been slightly put off by the crowds in Venice, which means I never quite got around to pulling the trigger. I have to say, I’m now totally sold! It looks like you just have to work out a few strategies to avoid/minimise crowd disturbance and you’re all good. Shame I’m a bit further away now!

  10. I love that Venice has become the city that you can go back to again and again! We have both never been and I will admit, the city is quite high on my list. I already predict I will love it – definitely coming back to your post when it’s time to plan the details.

  11. We’ve only been once to Venice and loved it. My husband was only just saying last night that he’d love to go again so I’ll take note of your hotel suggestions. We stayed in the Dorsoduro last time and it was a super location. We adored the Guggenheim too.

  12. What lovely photos – and a perfect setting to have them taken. I definitely fall into the love Venice category as well, despite all the frustrations, and am overdue a return visit. Great tips on the hotels as well. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  13. Lovely photos! I love the idea of a photo session as a souvenir too! Venice is the perfect location for one. I’ve never been, but I would love to just aimlessly wander around the streets and canals, and go visit the colorful islands.

  14. When we visited we only had a day to see the city and it wasn’t enough! I ended up loving it way more than I thought that I would and can’t wait to go back and see the city again and visit the islands! I still love that y’all did a photo shoot there and that would be the perfect way to remember a romantic trip to Venice!

  15. That last shot. *swoon* 🙂

    Great tips. You have me wanting to revisit Venice. The last time I visited with friends and I was completely stressed out, hadn’t planned much of anything, and essentially just tagged along. Your blog post gives me the confidence that I could plan my own adventure and get more out of the exploration that I did on my initial trip – and that it’s worth trying to do! Thanks for all of your awesome tips and comparing the hotels! And yes, you absolutely should have gotten a picture of the Hilton Milono Stucky room! (I may have.) The gorgeous chandelier!!! Still think it is one of the most gorgeous hotel rooms I’ve ever slept in! (But, if you left the window open, like we accidentally did, you would return to your room to find so many water bugs. Ick. We had to call the cleaners to come clean our room at 2am while we were there. Not fun. So that is definitely a downside to the HMS.)

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