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  1. The Miss Congeniality Award has always been top in my book anyways. It’s one thing to be considered the most beautiful on the outside, but to win miss congeniality means that everyone considers you both beautiful on the outside and inside! I never did do pageants, mostly because I always sang at them instead, but I definitely agree there’s a lot more to them than people think and it does teach you a lot of great lessons.

  2. These are great reasons! I bet you have the interview thing down now after doing those. And aw, Caitlin’s answer still makes me lol, hahah. But really, it’s nice to hear the positive reasons for a pageant as we all hear about the other side all the time. Being nice always key 🙂

  3. I think it’s so cool that you did pageants. They were not really big around me when I grew up but I always wanted to try it out. I love the idea of the gowns and the talent, but I also love how poised it taught young women to be. Congrats on Miss Congeniality, that is such an amazing award.

  4. I love this! And love that you did pageants. I feel this same way about my sorority experience – so many people look at it as a joke or just a bunch of girls getting wasted all the time, but it really taught me so many valuable life lessons. Now I’m off to check out these TBT pictures I missed!

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