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  1. You’ve had so many trips to Tuscany? We are planning to head to the Amalfi coast for a little beach getaway during our Europe travels in July and have about 3 nights left open to plan something before we return home so I’ve been looking at Tuscany, Rome, and Florence as options taking into consideration the cost of flight home from each destination. Any suggestions?

  2. I have always wanted to go to Tuscany and now I want to go just so I can stay in one of these hotels because let’s face it who doesn’t want to stay in a palace? They all look totally extra but I think I prefer the old style hotels best –  I just imagine they’d be part of the whole Tuscan experience! 

  3. This is perfect because we are looking at going to Tuscany / Florence in 2020. Your photos and descriptions of places to stay are super helpful. And I can tell you love the area, which is inspiring. The Medieval hotel in Sienna calls to me!

  4. All of these properties look like winners! I’m a sucker for a balcony and big windows with shutters you can through open in that oh-so-European way. Pinning this & coming back when that trip to Tuscany materializes 😉

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