Best things to do in Copenhagen

After snagging a cheap airfare deal (less than $500), I was able to come up with a list of the best things to do in Copenhagen!  I went over Labor Day weekend, so the days were still fairly long, the temperatures were tolerable, and the crowds were minimal.  Many quotes say traveling with friends leads to the best adventures.  I’m a believer.  One of my friends was studying abroad, so I got to meet and have dinner with her host family in their home!  It was definitely one of the more memorable experiences, particularly because the plant I picked up to take them as a hostess gift was considered to mean “passionate love.”  Luckily, they had a good sense of humor and we all laugh, but hello – awkward!

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Best Things to Do in Copenhagen

Bike Tour of Copenhagen

Bike Cophenhagen with Mike!

Bicycling is a huge part of life in Copenhagen. Mike knows this first hand. I did a Friday evening tour on my first night there, and there was only two of us. It didn’t matter to Mike — he planned a route, showed us on a map the areas we would be visiting, and off we went. This is the absolute best way to visit the city of Copenhagen.

Mike took us outside the standard tourist areas and into the areas where locals live. We saw various areas of the city and ventured out into the countryside as well. We didn’t have a lot of photo stops because Mike wanted us to see the city come alive. The ride through sunset and into twilight was absolutely breathtaking. The ride was VERY comfortable, and I felt very safe. Copenhagen is a very bike-friendly city, especially compared to Dallas. On the way back into the city, Mike stopped off at one of the churches that offers evening services and allowed us to experience the music and beauty of this church. Very cool experience that I didn’t read about prior to my trip!

This is one of the best things to do in Copenhagen.  Period.  The End.  I urge everyone to attend one of Mike’s tours. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, and a wonderful guide!

Stroll Stroget

Stroget is the first pedestrian street in Europe – walking around this area is always lively in the evening.  Great people watching!!

Frederik’s Church

I kept going back to this beautiful church. Between the copper dome and the beautiful ceiling, it was absolutely breathtaking.  I loved the fountains out front and enjoyed experimenting with the different f-stops.  We also went to the top to see the Copenhagen skyline.

Amalienborg Palace

They have these really sweet hearts carved in the woodwork around the palace. It’s particularly striking when the guards are standing next to them.  It’s near the church and right off the water, so be sure and wander around the area – I loved it!!

Attend a soccer game

If for no other reason than the enthusiasm is contagious and the hats are amazing!!

Tivoli Gardens

I ended up hanging out with a girl I met on my bike tour after we finished.  We both believe that you can’t go to Copenhagen without going to Tivoli!  Going at night was amazing!!  It’s lit up with millions of twinkling lights and it’s lively with music and performers too!!  They have fireworks and the rides are still running, so it’s a fun place to be!  There’s a reason why Tivoli consistently makes every list as one of the best things to do in Copenhagen.

Journey of Doing - Copenhagen street vendors
Journey of Doing - Nyhavn Copenhagen in September

Best Things to Do in Copenhagen – Museum Culture!

Danish Jewish Museum

This is a small museum not too far from The Little Mermaid, but it’s incredibly well done.  It chronicles quite a bit of World War II from the Danish perspective, which I appreciated learning.  I have visited quite a few Jewish museums throughout Europe and I always come away with new understanding and knowledge.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

I LOVED this art museum.  Mike pointed it out during our bike ride and I went back more than a few times.  I was only there 4 days, so that’s saying a lot!  If that doesn’t qualify the Glyptotek as one of the best things to do in Copenhagen, I don’t know what will!  They have a gorgeous indoor garden area, lots of my favorite artists and a few modern exhibits.

The Little Mermaid

She’s way smaller than I expected, but I couldn’t not see her!!  Hans Christian Andersen is from Denmark, so there are all kinds of amazing sculptures throughout the city!  (You can see a sculpture of him in the Town Hall Square.  It made me happy.)

Journey of Doing - Copenhagen art museums
Journey of Doing - Click for a few of the best things to do in Copenhagen. You must bike Copenhagen with Mike, visit the museums, and people watch on Stroget!
Journey of Doing - what to see in Copenhagen
Journey of Doing - View of Copenhagen
Journey of Doing - Tivoli Copenhagen at night

Best Ice Cream in Copenhagen!


It’s on Nyhavn.  Get the walnut ice cream.  Just trust me on that.  YUM.

Journey of Doing - Soccer in Copenhagen
Journey of Doing - the Little Mermaid Copenhagen
Journey of Doing - Public art in Copenhagen

Where to Stay in Copenhagen

Marriott Copenhagen

Overall, this is an excellent hotel. The location is a bit removed from the main pedestrian areas, but it’s within walking distance of most attractions. It’s also in a very quiet area overlooking the water. This hotel has a late check in time of 4:00, so my room wasn’t ready when I arrived. I was able to freshen up in the restroom and store my luggage though, so off I went!

The room is HUGE by European standards. I had a city view room that faced Tivoli and the city center.  I loved the large windows overlooking the city. The beds were oh so comfortable after a long day. Evening turn down service included lychee mints and lemon pepper white chocolate (such an interesting combination!). The bathroom is nice sized, beautifully appointed, and well lit. The water pressure is substantial and the bathtub is deeper than most US hotels.  Since it’s a modern hotel, there were plenty of outlets for plugging things in, and converters were available from the front desk for a small deposit.  The staff was incredibly friendly — I would definitely return.

Note:  The Marriott is a 7-10 minute walk from the Central Train Station and Tivoli Gardens and 10-15 minutes from the city center. There is a community bicycle station across from the hotel, which is really nice. You simply put in a coin to release the bicycle. When you return it, you get your coin back. Very easy for getting around the city.

Journey of Doing - National Theater of Copenhagen
Journey of Doing - Theater in Copenhagen
Journey of Doing - Copenhagen cathedral
Click for a few of the best things to do in Copenhagen. You must bike Copenhagen with Mike, visit the museums, and people watch on Stroget!
Click for a few of the best things to do in Copenhagen. You must bike Copenhagen with Mike, visit the museums, and people watch on Stroget!
Journey of Doing - Copenhagen harbor at night

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  1. Your pictures are amazing! I am seriously considering a visit to Copenhagen in the summer so this just made me want to visit even more! How many days were you there for?

  2. i hope you email these to Tom on a weekly basis. Because even I get the travel bug looking at these pictures!!

  3. Stopping by from Travel Tuesday! I just went to Copenhagen about a month ago and LOVED IT! Your post highlighted some of my favorite things. When exactly did you go to Copenhagen? I went during Christmas and loved the Tivoli Gardens. So happy I stumbled upon your blog! xo

  4. What a great trip! I loved Copenhagen too…. I will definitely have to try biking around there (probably with a bike tour) on my next visit, though! And yes- Tivoli is so fun! Although I went last time, I’d probably go again because the atmosphere is so great anytime of year.

  5. Your pictures are SO pretty! I’m dying to get to Copenhagen this year. I’m crossing my fingers for this June! Everything about it just seems so charming. I’ll definitely save these recommendations for if/when I go 🙂

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