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  1. That painting is really beautiful and I love that it has a link to your travels! I have an artist from cornwall who I really want to purchase an original from one day… I feel like I’ll have “made it” by then lol! So congrats on making it haha 😛

  2. Loving those dresses on you! But sorry to hear about your family friend and that you’re dealing with pain again. Sending all the hugs sweet friend <3

  3. Oh Sara! What a life season. I’m so sorry about your loss, and the headache and frustration that come from the systems your team and students are up against. But I am filled with such JOY for your students who got into Ivys – may they find community and respect and an incredible education in front of them! Sending all the love.

  4. I hope you know that your work is so worthwhile, even if it feels impossible sometimes.

    These dresses are so cute (I need to wear more dresses!) and I really love the art piece that you invested in. What a special treat.

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