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Right after I got engaged, I was lucky enough to head to California for two weeks to prep a student for the SAT IIs while he was playing tennis tournaments.  Not only did this mean that I got a break from the real world and got to live at the JW Marriott Desert Springs for two weeks, but it also meant that I got to ask my Matron of Honor in person. Together, we got to explore a slightly sketchy bridal salon to look at bridesmaid dresses.

While we didn’t find THE DRESS on that  adventure, it was fun to check out all the terrible dresses that I would never consider.  I did get an idea of how the color would look on my gorgeous MOH. When I returned to Dallas, I started the search again.  I chose Dolly Pearl bridesmaid dresses, specifically the Melinda gown. The material is gorgeous, feels amazing, the back was dramatic but elegant, and it was pretty much the best option on my short timeline. (Side note: Why are bridesmaid dresses made of the most yucky material?!)  

I even ordered the same dress in a different color for my rehearsal dinner – and no one noticed.  The hardest part for me that none of my bridesmaids were local. I had to rely on texting pictures and hoping they would trust my judgement. (They totally did.  Rockstars.  I love them all more than words.)

Journey of Doing - Dolly Pearl bridesmaid dresses
Journey of Doing - Dolly Pearl bridesmaid dresses
Journey of Doing - Dolly Pearl bridesmaid dresses

Follow Up on My Bella Bridesmaid Experience

As a follow-up to my Bella Bridesmaid Dallas review, the Dolly Pearl bridesmaid dresses came in right on schedule AND Bella shipped all the dresses to my amazing bridesmaids via FedEx two-day.  I didn’t have to worry about that AT. ALL.  I’m really glad I went with Bella – if only because of their can-do attitude. They really made me believe that they could handle everything without any trouble at all – and they totally did.

The girls had their alternations done on their own and my mom had the Ritz Carlton steam everyone’s dresses when they arrived in Dallas. (It worked really well while we were at the spa!!)  On the day of the wedding, the dresses looked perfect!  They flowed beautifully and, well, they didn’t hold the girls back from dancing either!  If you are looking for bridesmaid dresses, I highly recommend the Dolly Pearl bridesmaid dresses, and I suggest you start at Bella Bridesmaid. Almost all of the dresses I tried there wanted to come home and live in my closet… but most of all, they were a completely stress free vendor with beautiful options!

Journey of Doing - Dolly Pearl bridesmaid dresses
Journey of Doing - Dolly Pearl bridesmaid dresses
Journey of Doing - Dolly Pearl Melinda Dress
Proof that I wore my rehearsal dinner dress to graduation events and parties a year after our wedding!

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  1. It’s true. They really didn’t hold us back on the dance floor 😉 AND even look cute minus belt as a flowy maxi Serena style (I’ve been watching way too much GG these days).

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