Currently: September 2022

I am feeling all of the things.  I’m exhausted because everything feels like it’s been so hard lately.  (It’s telling that I’m posting a September update on October 2..)  I am proud because I gave an amazing (controversial) conference session last week.  It was VERY well received, and I am VERY proud… and I am exhausted from all the peopling that I had to do after that.  I am stressed about two big events I have in Houston over the next few days.  I feel like I’m consntantly behind the 8 ball at work. 

On top of all that, my hip pain has been worse (always made worse by stress and exhaustion), so it’s hard to get rest and get comfortable.  I was talking to one of my staff members about how challenging and heavy September felt.  I don’t really know what it is (changing seasons?) but this month has felt extra in all the most challenging ways. 

I am really looking forward to fall break in Cortona next weekend.   Four different walls and great food in Cortona await.  

Journey of Doing - Currently - September 2022
This was a huge conference room. The panoramic doesn’t do it justice, but it does show a photo of what it looked like to other people in the room.

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Lots of water.  I enjoyed some creative cocktails while conferencing.  My favorite cocktail last week was a Polmos, which was made up of Belvedere Smogory Forest Single Estate Rye Vodka, Elderflower, White Cranberry, Lemon, and Sugar.  We opened a bottle of 2015 Brunello di Montalcino from Castiglion del Bosco winery that was quite lovely, too.  

Journey of Doing - Castiglion del Bosco Campo del Drago
Photo from the Castiglion del Bosco vineyards.


This is actually a really fun one.  I bought a Oscar de la Renta shorts suit from Net-a-Porter this summer, paired it with an Ann Taylor Factory shell I purchased in June 2021, and it’s been a huge hit.  Students love it, adults love it, and it definitely has helped me get through the heat this summer.  It was SWELTERING in Houston last week.  This week isn’t so bad though. 

True to a currently update, Stacie Flinner came out with a new Marta Scarampi collection, and I’m obsessed with the entire thing.  It’s been so hot here that I didn’t even want to think about fall clothes… and I sincerely doubt I can pull off these skirts like Stacie… we’ll see how I feel now that weather is getting a little cooler!       

Journey of Doing - Oscar de la Renta Shorts suit
I never thought I would be trendy enough to wear a shorts suit, but here I am!

Travel Planning

We’ve started kicking around some new ideas for the upcoming holidays.  While we usually travel around Europe in December and January, we have toyed with the idea of renting an apartment for a few weeks and staying in one place.  Tom’s top two are Paris and Florence.  I think we’re probably romanticizing that a bit, but it might also be really fun.  My sister is thinking about spending some a few days in Bologna, so the idea that we could spend Christmas in Emilia Romagna and celebrate with her feels terribly cozy on some level.

We’ve also talked about adding in some new places, with one of those ideas being Sicily or further exploring the Veneto or Southern Italy.  We had such a good time in Ostuni during December 2019 that it’s easy to imagine going back again.  The question always becomes whether or not we want to enjoy the places we know are amazing (Paris at Christmas and New Year’s in Florence are hard to beat) or have new adventures!  All excellent problems to have.          

Journey of Doing - Florence in December

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  1. That blue shorts suit is fire!!! I’m sorry about your stress and mental health. It sounds like the last few months have been really tough for you with high highs and low lows. I love your idea for winter travels though. Just staying in an airbnb or apartment rental somewhere new, eating the local foods, exploring a residential neighborhood, and just having a change of scenery and the slow pace to soak it up – that’s like my favorite thing haha. It’s what we’re doing right now in Medellin and I really recommend a trip like that just to recenter your mind if nothing else! Sending hugs.

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