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  1. So weird, I spent yesterday evening plotting out the Ireland part of our trip next year. We are spending some time in Dublin so my Dad can see it, but not a lot. Dublin is a city, just like cities all over the world. Ireland lies in the countryside.

  2. I have never been anywhere in Europe and I’m dying to go. I have countries I’d obviously like to see more than others, but really I’d go anywhere given the opportunity! Ireland looks absolutely gorgeous. What an awesome honeymoon you had!

  3. its just so green and gorgeous. and just gah. i LOVE IT. and might have to add ireland to the list of places we need to visit!

  4. Love love love. Ireland is the only European country that appeals to my husband to visit (sigh…) so I may use this to convince him that it’s time to book a trip 😉

  5. All the sights you saw are so gorgeous! The cliffside views are amazing! We have been talking about maybe tying Ireland in with London and I’m loving this information!

  6. Wow! This is so much good advice! We are renting a car, too and want to make sure it will be automatic since we’re dealing with the other side of the road. So good to have the advice about extra time at the airport, too! Thanks!

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